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Reasons to Know about Why Mustang Island is a Favorite Beach

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Mustang Island, the beach with the beautiful blue waters, hipper beach towns, and exotic locale has been a favorite destination for tourists for a very long time. Every traveler that visits Mustang Island develops a special connection with the beaches here. With so many things to do here, like surfing, fishing, snorkeling, people have the time of their lives when they visit Port Aransas. It will surely be a unique vacation idea for your family this year.

Mustang Island has that oomph element that makes it so wonderful. And when you book your vacation rentals in Port Aransas, you are all set for that beach escape you have been eyeing for so long!

Here are a few reasons as to why Mustang Island is every traveler’s favorite beach –

Driving on the beach

Wait for what? Driving on the beach? Is that even a thing? It surely is! Driving on the beach can be extremely fun! What is better than going with the windows down, the wind flowing through your hair while you smell the salt, and blast your favorite music while the waves continue to amaze you.

Another advantage of being able to drive to the water is, not walking from your Mustang Island condos to the beach while lugging your stuff through the blocks of hot sand and your calves starting to burn. Another perk is that you get to listen to the radio at all times and climb in and escape the sun for a minute in case you missed bringing your sunglasses. You also get to carry your surfboards and other fishing equipment.

Soft Sand

Empty sea and beach background Free Photo

Rock beaches can have their vibe, but nothing beats sand beaches! They are fun to swim on with no shoes. The soft sand is extremely easy on your feet and sometimes it can be pretty relaxing when you walk from your Mustang Island condo rentals towards the beaches. Also, since the water is extremely clean here, walking barefoot from the water to your car will not ruin it in any way.

Pleasant water temperatures

It can be a big bummer if you step into the seaside and the water is ice cold! It can become a constant struggle for you when you try to acclimate your foot in the water. Frustrated, you decide to jump into it all at once to get it over with. But, that is not going to happen in Mustang Island. Here, the water has the perfect temperature and feels cooler on the skin. This makes it a perfect place to swim when the temperature is hot. Even if it is windier or cloudier, you can take a dip without being afraid of the water being extremely cold. Sometimes, the weather can get chilly, but Mustang Island has many months with pleasant weather perfect for swimming.

Rolling Waves

The rolling waves of the Gulf Coast are far more gentle than their ocean counterparts. Some waves on the east coast shores can slap on your knees hard and make getting past them a little difficult. However, the waves here are pretty gentle and more sloping which makes it easier for you to get out to the second sandbar. Also, driving around and picking seashells from the sand can be a pretty fun task!

Also, Condos in Port Aransas for rent mostly have sea-facing rooms. So, even when you are not on the beach, you can feel at peace by observing these rolling waves from your condo.

You will find dolphins everywhere

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Chill Vibes

Texans love to go to a few places since the coast stretches for 367 miles. One of the most visited in the city of Port Aransas. The vibe here is pretty chill and Port Aransas beachfront houses for rent are the preferred accommodation for the tourists when they visit here. On weekdays, the beaches are pretty empty, so you can have the entire beach to yourself and even plan a surprise beach date for your significant other. On weekends, beaches do get crowded, but not overcrowded. The restaurants here too, are pretty lively and have reasonable wait times.  


The ferry to get on the island is free and even the beach pass to go on a public beach in Port Aransas is only $12 for the car. Dinners at the local restaurants near the beach can cost you as little as $20. Even the Port Aransas condos on the beach are inexpensive. That’s the best thing about this place! You get to enjoy and have a relaxing vacation without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

Condos in Port Aransas for rent can be even more inexpensive if you come here with a group of friends. The rooms are pretty big and so the rent can be divided amongst you and your friends.

Final thoughts

The exotic beaches in Mustang Island are enough to amaze you. Once you visit here, it is surely going to be your favorite destination of all! You may continue to see beautiful places, but you surely will keep coming here once you experience and soak in the vibe of this beautiful island.

Vacation rentals in Port Aransas will have you sorted for our accommodations every time you visit here. So, all you will have to worry about is nothing! Just pack your bags and fly for a wonderful vacation at Port Aransas Mustang Island.

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