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Questions To Consider While Consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Questions To Consider While Consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon

There can be several reasons for which you might consult an orthopaedic surgeon including ones weakness, bones cracking, joint pain, disjointing or any type of bone or joint injury. Orthopaedic surgeons are certified for diagnosing, treating, curing bone-related issues and doing surgeries related to any or specific bones like ribs, neck bones or hip bone surgeries. If you are facing problem in walking or face difficulty to bend your knees or while doing the workout, then you must consult an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon. Moreover, if you have any injury especially sports injury or you are recovering from an old one but, still feeling the pain inside your bone arm leg or any area involving bones you must rush to a good orthopaedic surgeon immediately.

You must prepare your mind with all the questions and confusion you are having before going to consult an orthopaedic physician or surgeon so that you don’t miss something when you go to the doctor. For your help, we are mentioning some of the important questions that you should consider while consultation. Let’s have a look!

Why I am having this pain?

After describing your condition or the problem you are facing, the first and the most important question must be that why you are facing this pain? Your doctor will check you completely and try to figure out by matching the symptoms you are having or the pain level. He might ask you some more question about the problem that from how long you are facing this issue? Or is the pain/condition being consistent or not? The doctor might ask you for some laboratory tests at this stage. If yes, then here comes the second question.

What’s the purpose of the lab tests?

Upon asking this question your doctor guides you that why he needs these tests. He might give you reasons for each required test or can guide you collectively that the tests will ensure that his judgment or diagnostic of your problem is correct or not. At this stage put your third question.

Do you want to know anything about my medical history first?

If a good orthopaedic doctor feels that he must know your medical history or allergies before lab test than he must ask this question by his self. Usually, medical history is asked before surgery or procedure or while prescribing medicines. In case you have any confusion, you can ask this question yourself. 

What factors caused me this problem?

After having lab tests, bring reports to your doctor immediately. If the reports say that your problem is not dangerous and linked with some daily life problem like ageing or hectic work schedules than the doctor will relax you and explain your problem in a very light way so that you may stop panicking and feel easy and comfortable.

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Your orthopaedic surgeon will recommend some medicines or maybe rubbing oil or creams for your joint or bone to get relief. Now you must ask another question.

How many times a day I have to take these medicines and for how long?

Usually, doctors guide you while prescribing, but in case you don’t understand the writing or the sequence or in case the doctor forgot to explain what he is writing you must ask this question so that you may not have any confusion when you start your treatment. After the prescription, you must ask another important question.

What foods should I eat or what should I avoid to resolve this problem?

A good orthopaedic surgeon will always try to cure with naturals foods and lifestyle rather than too much depending on medicines. There are many good and renowned orthopaedic surgeons in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and in other big cities of Pakistan which completely guide their patient how to lie a healthy pain-free life with strong bones and their retention and revival with natural foods. Some food they will suggest to consume more like for weak bones a doctor may ask to take milk daily etc. and some foods they ask you to avoid to resolve your problem. Finally, ask the last question.

Are there any side effects of having these medicines?

This is an important question which patients usually don’t ask. A good doctor must tell by himself if there are any risks attached. There can be minor side effects of medicines like stomach disturbance, access to sleep and drowsiness etc. such side effects can be ignored as the problem you are facing is at least bigger than these. If some risks or side effect that you think problematic than you must ask the doctor at the spot and leave the clinic with a satisfied mind and safe feeling after complete discussion.

Now let’s see the alternative scenario if your reports say that you have a serious and alarming medical problem or if you went to the surgeon after having any injury and feeling chronic pain. This time, the orthopaedic surgeon suggests you any surgery or procedure with which you can get cured. Now you ask him these questions.

Can we look for any alternatives to surgery?

You are having chronic pain and the doctor is suggesting a surgery, still, you should ask him about the alternatives. A good orthopaedic surgeon at first try to cure you with light treatment and only suggest surgery if the situation is worse and he has no choice left. Still, if you are confused you must ask him confidently about the alternative procedures for your satisfaction or peace of mind. In some case, the doctor suggests bone or joint replacement surgery and in some, they ask for the surgery to repair your bones.

Laser treatment can be the alternatives but for very less limited issues with mild levels. There are numerous good hospitals which have certified orthopaedic surgeon in Lahore, who can treat and repair your bones seamlessly as they are having several years of experience. Similarly, you can find a good doctor with a record of successful orthopaedic surgeries in other cities as well. Praying to God and trusting your doctor is the best way to eliminate fear and capture hope.

What are the care instructions after surgery and in how much time I will be recovered completely?

Lastly, you can ask about the precautions, medicines, foods to eat or avoid, exercise or the recovery period from your orthopaedic surgeon. Also, ask that when you should re-visit him. 

Hope these questions will help you if you are going to meet an orthopaedic surgeon or in future.


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