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Premature Ejaculation: Effective Home Remedies to Cure PE

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Effective Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is having an ejaculation before the desired time. There is no fixed time set as to when to ejaculate, but experiencing an orgasm soon might not lead to expected good intimate life. It can make intimacy less enjoyable for you and your partner.

Premature ejaculation can be a risk factor for erectile dysfunction and cause other health problems. 

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the male cannot get or hold an erection during intimacy. One of the fastest and most effective ways to treat ED is Generic Cialis 60 mg. The dose increases the blood flow so that men can sustain an erection, but it should strictly be taken after consulting a doctor.

Causes behind premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is also referred to as rapid ejaculation and early ejaculation. It happens sooner than the man or his partner may want to cause displeasure and dissatisfaction. This condition is on the rise, and there are plenty of causes behind it:

· Stress and tension

· Unhealthy lifestyle

· Indulgence in physical relations at a young age

· Excess consumption of alcohol and tobacco

· Increase in sudden body heat

It is standard and treatable with the help of home remedies and prescribed medications. But natural home remedies are the best way to treat any dysfunction or disease. 

Home remedies are inexpensive, with less or no side effects, unlike prescription medications.

These remedies are mostly made of herbs and plants commonly found in modern households. Thus, preparing these remedies is very convenient and affordable too. They effectively treat any medical condition, whether it is a common cold or a severe health problem like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Here are some effective home remedies to treat premature ejaculation:

  • Adding certain minerals to your diet-

1. Zinc plays a vital role in male reproductive life and fertility. Zinc is good for cell growth and healthy immunity, but it also produces testosterone and boosts energy and libido. 

According to research, zinc deficiency can lead to erectile dysfunction. Taking the recommended 11 milligrams of zinc supplements increases testosterone production, which may help curb premature ejaculation.

2. Magnesium is another mineral essential for reproductive health and sperm production. A deficiency of magnesium contributes to premature ejaculation.

Therefore, it is vital to incorporate magnesium into your diet. Food items that are rich in zinc and magnesium help in delaying orgasm and thereby preventing premature ejaculation.

These food items include soybean, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, oysters, almonds, kidney beans, sesame seeds, garlic, chickpeas, dark chocolate, peas, etc.

Other essential minerals you can add to your diet include calcium, manganese, copper, and selenium. Although these remedies take time to show effective results, one fast way to treat the issue is using Generic Levitra 60mg after consulting your doctor.

Topical creams and spray:-

Topical anesthetic creams and sprays contain a numbing agent, such as lidocaine, that helps treat premature ejaculation by reducing the sensation to delay ejaculation. 

Apply it for 30 minutes and leave it there. Wash for 5 minutes. They are effective in delaying ejaculation by a few minutes, thereby giving you more time to enjoy the session with your partner.

Pelvic floor exercises-

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles can impact the time for ejaculation and increase orgasm control. It can help men with the problems of premature ejaculation by assisting them in controlling their ejaculatory reflex, increasing the time it takes for them to climax. You can find these muscles by stopping midstream when peeing.

While lying down, avoid pressure on the perineum (the area between the anus and genitals) and contract your pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds and then let them relax for seconds. Repeat this 10 times in a row every day. 

Gradually increase the seconds as your muscles become more robust. Only focus on pelvic floor muscles; don’t tighten your abs, and keep your breathing synchronized.


Wearing a condom may help reduce the sensation, just like topical sprays and creams. It may also help in delaying the time taken to ejaculation. 

Climax control condoms are more effective as they have a thicker layer, or some even have a numbing agent in the condom to help reduce the sensation even further and delay ejaculation.

Masturbating an hour or two before a session may help in delaying early ejaculation. It helps in delaying the urge to orgasm quickly.


Therefore, premature ejaculation is very common, affecting 40% of men in the US. It can be treated with the help of these home remedies and natural treatments. If the situation persists and gets critical, it is advisable to consult a doctor.


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