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In Three Easy Steps We Memorized the Quran in uk

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Memorizing the Online Quran Class is a tremendous honour for a Muslim. Almost every Muslim wishes that he had memorised the Quran. For example, memorising the Quran necessitates a level of dedication and hard work that not everyone is capable of. As a result, we devised some Quran learning tips with the help of our experts. If you follow these tips to the letter and spirit, Quran memorization will become a much more manageable task for you, and one day you will realise your dream of memorising the Quran. These suggestions are broken down into three steps. Before memorising the Quran, some tips must be practised. Some are for during my Quran learning period, while others are for revising what I have memorised from the Online Quran Class. In this post, we will go over some pre-memorization tips.

Before Memorization Suggestions

The following are some pointers to consider before beginning memorization.

1. Dedication and sincerity:

The most important thing is to be sincere about memorising the Quran.

2. Seek Allah’s help:

Because memorising the Online Quran study is a time-consuming task that necessitates constant effort, an individual’s motivation and understanding naturally dwindle. If you find yourself in this situation, pray to Allah Almighty for assistance and Taufq. Nothing can be done without His assistance and Tawfq.

3. List of helpful people:

make a list of individuals from your family, colleagues, and friend circle who you believe can help you with your project.

4. Cancel all unnecessary meetings and activities:

Because Quran memorization requires more time and attention, you must cancel all unnecessary meetings and activities. Make an effort to devote more time and attention to Quran memorization. Your primary focus should be on memorising the Quran.

5. Furthermore:

if you make a mistake, always repent of it.

6. Locate a Quran teacher: We are required to recite the Quran with Tajweed. Find a Tajweed teacher to teach you the rules of Quran pronunciation and recitation. In our Quran for Kids online Quran Academy, your teacher could be one of your parents, one of your siblings, a friend, or a professional Tajweed teacher.

6. Use only one Mushaf:

In order to keep your memorization marks, you should only use one Mushaf. It is preferable to select a standard-sized Mushaf of the Online Quran Class. The Mushaf should not be too large to be easily held, nor should it be too small to be difficult to recite from and write notes on the margins of.

7. Determine your memorization style:

There are various methods for memorising the Quran. For example, one can memorise the Quran by copying it in a notebook, reciting the Quran aloud while memorising it, writing down the beginning of each verse from the Quran, listening to a Qari and reciting after him, and walking during the memorization session. These are some methods for memorising the Quran. You are expected to identify the technique that works best for you and use it to memorise the Quran.

8. Flexibility in your planning:

By flexibility in planning, I mean that there should be an alternate plan Learning Quran online UK in place if one of your plans does not appear to be working. If you discover that plan A isn’t working, switch to plan B. For example, suppose you decide to memorise two pages of the Quran per day and decide to do so after Fajr Salah, only to discover that you cannot memorise two pages in one sitting. In this case, switch to Plan B, which could be memorising one page after Fajr Salah and the other page before going to bed.

These are some helpful hints before memorising the Quran. You will have memorised the Quran if you follow these tips, as well as the tips for during memorization and the tips for revising.

Best wishes!


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