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Meet Marvelous Hip Hop Artist of the Year

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Rapper, songwriter and hip hop artist Marvelous has made a huge splash in the music Industry. The young artist and song writer is a positive and energetic person who loves his craft. He is a talented musician who spends most of his time in his New York Recording Studio. As an independent artist, he pours long hours into perfecting his music.

Marvelous was raised in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, Bronx, New York.
He is a very diverse artist who writes, produces, and records his own music. He has toured from state to state, with one of his favorite places to perform being South by South West Music Festival in Austin, Texas.


As far as his hobbies go, Marvelous has no trouble keeping busy.
He can be seen on Instagram posting positive stories for his fans and reaching the top comment on places like The Shade Room, with his addicting humor and personality.
Marvelous is also a fan of Esports and respects the competitive aspect of it.

Marvelous has many influences, his main one being Lil Wayne. He prides himself on his flow and his ability to make each song sound unique. He’s known for his distinct adlibs and considers it to be his favorite part of the process of making music.

When it comes to his fans, Marvelous is nothing less than grateful. He always encourages them to message him and give him feedback, keeping him motivated to make great music for them. He hopes his voice can reach out and impact someone in a positive way.

Marvelous is truly living a Marvelous life. While taking flights to foreign countries, and driving foreign cars, he ignores any hate coming his way. His only focus is on his career and trying to make a difference. We love everything Marvelous has done, and hope he continues his climb to the top. His fans also know him as immrmarvel. For more on Marvelous you can always follow him on his Instagram/Twitter @immrmarvel. More info








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