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Life story of Cedric Okiorina

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Who is Cedric Okiorina? Why would someone like you become interested in his life story, especially his travel stories? Why would you want to hear about his journey and what impact would that give to your own life? This article will tell about his inspiring life and thoughts about life.

 At a young age of 6, his folks took him on his first ever overseas trip to the beautiful Cape town of Africa. That is his first eye-opening travel experience as he can clearly remember. He believes that the experience has helped him to become a very seasoned-traveler. Now he could say he has travelled across pretty much every continent in the world.

He has made trips in the Northern and Southern American countries. He shared the “top 5 must-eats” in the USA. he also covered the most amazing beaches in South America.

During his trips in Asia, he was amazed by the fast-paced technology, impressive architecture and cleanliness of Singapore; the hospitable and friendly locals in South-East Asia; the blue waters of Maldives and a lot more. Cedric Okiorina can only say that to talk about amazing Asia, he could write forever. 

Going to Australia, why do they call Australia the God’s country? According to Cedric, there are incredible spots there that one has to see to really believe. Check out his “10 big things in Australia to see” and “the 5 best beers” to try.

Let’s go to New Zealand and be dazzled by the breathtaking scenery that you can find. Just remember the movie Lord of the Rings and you’ll know why New Zealand is a place to visit.

Check out also Cedric’s favorite hikes in New Zealand.

Europe will never be out of the list, of course. It is rich in different cultures and cuisines. Think about the famous italian cuisine and there’s a lot more to see in Europe. Just like Cedric, you will truly enjoy your travel and stay.

There are a lot more travel stories that Cedric has shared on his page. He wants to share to the people his own experiences and challenges along the way. Journey is life. Deeper is what we seek for everyday. He prays that the little stories of his journeys in seeking travels with purpose and searching the meaning of life may stir the hearts of those who read the stories.

Cedric is always asked how he manages to afford all his travels. He simply explained that he worked hard even at a young age and saved his money for his adventures. He also said that, “While I’m traveling, I live VERY frugally. I pack light – only necessities – and live off the bare minimum the vast majority of the time.

Lastly, his family is the first on his list of the most important people in his life. He also loves meeting locals of different walks of life and hearing their incredible stories.  “I’ll often spend time living with the locals, sometimes in pretty remote spots, because that’s what I love. Life is not about things; it’s about experiences.” Life is truly amazing for Cedric Okiorina. 

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