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What is the five essential factors to take into account – Softwall Cleanrooms

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You will have to hire the best services that can help you construct the right specification of the cleanroom. Proper design is also important. The room should also be highly accessible. You can search for a set of information.

So, what is the five important factors to take into account – Softwall cleanrooms. You should continue reading further.

Five important factors to consider 

Below you will find the five most important factors that you cannot overlook when constructing any softwall cleanroom. 

 Do not forget your application

In most cases, you have to focus on two aspects – better yield and better quality. These are also the two most common reasons why you would ever like to invest big money in constructing a cleanroom. You will come across different types of manufacturing processes today that need creating good quality cleanroom. The manufacturing process may, to a greater extent, need to maintain clean and regulated conditions.

There are medical equipment manufacturing units that only depend on the working and performance of the cleanroom. The rooms are mainly constructed so the debris, pollutants, microbes, and dust can be left out of the workspace. Thus it is important to consider all these factors the moment you are designing the cleanroom. The needs may change from one unit to another.

 Always get familiar with the work process

Any type of cleanroom, irrespective of its type or size, will always work on the same principle. The rooms are designed to help maintain 90 percent of the air pressure indoors. The rooms are also designed so they can keep the contaminants and dust outside the room. This is why it is important to make a selection of the right quality vent and fan system.

The filter system that is being installed inside the cleanroom should be efficient in filtering the smallest microparticle. Some of the present time filter systems may easily filter particles as small as 0.5 microns. The right pressure creation inside the cleanroom is also essential. The pressure that is created inside the cleanroom will help push the dust particles and microbes down to the floor. The vents have to be connected at the floor length so the dust and microbes can be filtered out from the room.

 The vents in the cleanroom, in most cases, are attached to the walls and floor corners. This is why the cleanrooms are so effective. If the vents and fans are placed in the wrong position, then the dust particles and the microbe will keep circulating indoors, which can lead to contamination.

Maintain ISO standards

The cleanrooms have to be constructed so they can easily meet the ISO standards. Each of the accessories that are used inside the cleanroom will have been tested for its accuracy and performance. The standards are tested under the Federal standard systems. The cleanroom has to meet the demands of the industry. This means that the indoor space can only be maintained as a clean zone. There are no chances of the samples getting contaminated inside the cleanroom environment.

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 Airflow change per hour basis

There are no doubts about the way a cleanroom works. In any case, it will remain as a cleanroom, no matter for what purpose you use it. Even if the room is used for the manufacturing process, it still is a cleanroom. This means that you have to work on achieving a clean air zone.

The indoor environment of the cleanroom will depend on the quality of airflow maintained inside the room. The room will have to take clean air from an external source. The specialized filter units HEPA are made use for providing clean air supply to the room. Modular types of cleanrooms may not depend much on the external source of air. The indoor air will be filtered and circulated back again. Proper use of air fans and vent systems is important.

Understand the work conditions

In any case, the work conditions may not be the same for all cleanrooms. It can be operational, rest, and inbuilt condition. Depending on the work nature, you can use accessories or maintain the room empty. Each of the accessories is selected depending on the work process. If you are using the cleanroom for lab conditions, then you may also have to equip it with furniture. You can select different types of furniture to install inside the cleanroom.


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