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The California Gold Rush

The United States of America has a complex, rich, and fascinating history with the metal alloy known as gold. In the 1840s gold was discovered in California and the sparked the international craze in immigration and business known as the California Gold Rush. Afterwards there was a massive influx of immigrants from all over the world and California became one of the most quickly diversified places all over planet earth.

California was inducted into the United States of America as an official state in 1850 at the tail end of the gold rush. Ultimately, California was able to purchase its way into membership into the United States of America because of displacing hundreds of thousands of indigenous Californians in order to acquire gold. Click here to learn more about the ways in which enslaved African Americans could become free by working in California during the gold rush.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of people who came to California during this time did not actually become multimillionaires themselves off the back of having personally excavated some gold. Instead, many people found ways to create massive cottage industries surrounding the gold rush. For example, there was a massive uptick in the building, solicitation, and expansion of brothels all over the state. Another example is the fact that the dissemination of billions of dollars worth of gold into the American economy meant that California was able to strengthen the economy of the entire Western Hemisphere, much less United States of America and California itself. Lastly, Chinese-American immigrants were so instrumental in the development of the state of California that local whites became jealous enough to put forward and pass the blatantly racist Chinese Exclusion Act (https://www.archives.gov/milestone-documents/chinese-exclusion-act) in 1882.

The Importance of Gold

We now live in a world where, if California were to have a massive irredentist movement, California would, as in independent country, possess a greater GDP than most nations in the world and would closely rival the rest of the United States for overall wealth. States in the middle of the United States have an outsized voice in our most important elections, while California only has the same two Senate seats as every other state. This is unfair because California has a larger population and generates far more revenue for the United States of America than many of the states that complain about California politics.

California and the incredible wealth and riches that it has generated since the 1850s has resulted in the proliferation of great financial gain across the United States of America. There are companies like Lear Capital reviews who have smartly taken advantage of the existing infrastructure in gold and precious metals here in America to ensure that your investment retirement accounts are well supported, well-funded, and backed by people you know you can trust. People may ask, why would you be more interested in investing in the gold standard over the American dollar? Well, many countries throughout the world no longer use the American dollar as the currency they accept.

Investing In Gold Nowadays

In fact, people are turning to cryptocurrency before they place any great value in the American dollar the way they once did even 30 and 40 years ago. Nowadays, re-investing in precious metals and reconsidering the place of gold specifically is an incredibly important development because it indicates that human beings are able to agree upon an organizing principle around the value, beauty, relevance, and most importantly market share of gold investments. Therefore, even though we are constantly seeing fluctuations in the gold market and we are regularly receiving contradictory messaging about whether we should buy or sell gold, the one through line is that gold retains its value across generations. It retains this value such that people may always be interested in talking about buying it or talking about selling the precious alloy.

As a result, as an investment product, gold provides the average retiree with a smart way to go about encapsulating the wealth they have built up over decades to pass on to future generations. They can do so in a manner that will remain strong, secure, and ultimately tied to the inherent growth of nations. These nations are not just tied to the American economy, but to global markets as well.

Our banks are no longer self-contained, insulated little fiefdoms without great connection to all of the other banking systems that surround or confront them. As a result, it is not enough to simply keep your hard-earned dollars in the form you receive them, but it might be wise to think about converting your money into gold bullion and other precious metals that will retain their value over the course of several generations and will ultimately turn into one of the wisest investments you have ever made in your life.


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