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Launch The Efficient Video Conferencing Solution Zoom Clone Inspired By The Giant Zoom!

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Ok, we all know that Zoom has seen a surge in almost every sector ever since the pandemic. You read this everywhere, I know. But it had set a great example that no matter how much ever we praise it, the way it helped people during the pandemic can never be sufficed. You would also have known that it has been in the crest of a wave as its usage increased by 300%. You would have probably thought that with our lives restoring to normalcy, there will be a dip in its market. But no and never. Life is full of uncertainties. Why I am saying this is because Zoom in the second-quarter results has seen a surge of 40.8% in the trading, thereby accounting for $37.4 billion valuations in just a single day, which is equivalent to one eBay!

Why this surge? Is it really benefiting businesses? Is it overrated or underrated? All these questions will be answered to you in this upcoming section. Stay glued!

An all-in-one platform: It is one of the few video conferencing platforms that are useful to both the consumer and business customer, thereby increasing its market. For example, corporates use it for gatherings as they are used at work. On the contrary, it can also be used for personal reasons.

Business model: When comparing the difference between the paid users and users who use freemium models, they don’t miss out on anything. Which, if we consider it, is a huge advantage. Though the time limit is restricted to 40 minutes, it cannot be a disadvantage as people who wanted to try it out for the first time found it attractive. Whereas, we cannot say the same for regular one-hour meetings. That’s not even a problem because the app offers an option for that too.

Simple and easy: Zoom offers the platform to users a simple application, making it easier for older generations to get easily adapted to it. Even during the first engagement, the users don’t have to go all tech-savvy. They can sign up with an email address, and they are good to host a meeting moreover since the app elevated the meeting capabilities by offering even the audio calls as well.

Agility: The platform is known for offering skills to its users many times. Though it holds hundreds of users at a time, you can’t find an error in the app’s quick response. It is always fast with communications and solutions. Be it the app’s app store conflicts, outages, and security concerns. Everything was solved just easily. This is not a miracle, but all the credits go to the company’s expanding functionality that provides a response to everything quickly.

So, for anyone like you, who is aspiring to achieve success just like Zoom, all I would like to say is you could! You might not believe my words now, but basically, to make your dream come true, there are many app development companies that are coming up with clone solutions for Zoom.

What is Zoom Clone?

Zoom Clone App is an alternative solution to its standard model. The solution is readily developed, and it doesn’t need any complex coding to be launched because those steps will be already done. You can customize the script/solution according to your requirements. The customization is available for the elements like brand name, logo, themes, colors, and designs. The features are also already available in the solution. They are:

Screen sharing: Participants or hosts of the meeting can share their screen during the session with others. It is immensely useful for various presentations and to conduct workshops.

Virtual polls: The host of the meeting can create a poll and share it with the participants in the conference. He/she can collect their responses and opinions about the topic and use them later for laying out plans, if any.

Chat: The solution contains an in-built chat feature using which the participants can communicate even during the meeting effectively. This chart can be used to send multimedia files like images, audios, files of any format like .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, etc.

Recording: The audience of the meeting can record it in case they miss any crucial points spoken. They can record and download it to their device, which they can hear anytime later.

Virtual hand-raising: If someone wants to speak or wants to add their points to the ongoing conversation, they can signal it using this feature by sending an emoji. It will improve communication as many people won’t speak at once.

There are more features to the clone solution. Apart from these, if you wish to integrate more features into it according to your business needs, you can do that too.

On a concluding note,

Zoom Clone script will let you launch a video-conferencing solution with all the tech-savvy features and functionalities. Contact the right app development company and soar high in the market.


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