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Latest Australian Immigration News & Education Updates


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It’s time to stay updated with the latest news and education updates. Here is an update in the proper direction towards your progressing Australian dream

Returning of international students to Australia

The safe return of abroad students to Australia is necessary. So the government supports it. On an approved international student arrival plan with the migration services australia, few international students will be able to return to Australia.

Backing up for international students and graduates
We all know how welcoming and high-quality destinations Australia remains for international students. The government has announced a wide range of visa actions to support students. This action will be for the short term and continue as long as needed.

Terms and Conditions of Student Visa

Recently a suitable approach is taken where covid-19 limitations have stopped student visa situations from being approved. You will not be on break if you have an approved course deferral or you are studying online. If you are employed in certain regions you are allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight for a short period.

Students who are over 18 can take the vaccine as it is available for international students who are studying in Australia
The government of Australia is dedicated to making sure that every citizen in Australia takes the vaccination when it’s their turn. And it also includes abroad students who study in Australia.

Priority Migration Ability list Declare Hugely

The minister has announced a huge amount to the PMSOL for immigration. It gives priority to processing a broad range of choices that is now in high demand in Australia. It gives quicker processing and traveling relief to choose occupations.

Adjustment on family visa – offshore visas approved onshore
Relocation has now approved concessions that allow specific offshore family visas to be approved while the applicant is in Australia.

2021-2022 migration program announced by Australia

Recently Australia has announced its migration target for the next financial year. It has announced the overall planning level for the skilled steam while places are reserved for the business creativity and investment. It is for the migration services australia who sponsored this program. The visa will continue to focus on the recovery of the economy after the crisis of pandemics.

Australia wants to relocate its citizens trapped in India at the earliest according to the immigration minister
The Australian government has made a proper decision to bring back more than 8000 Australians trapped in a coronavirus wreck in Indian in a particular manner. Despite decisions taken to penalize people, those are returning from India. They resume flights to India and relocate citizens stuck in Australia. The government is working to bring the citizens back.

A temporary flight ban has been announced by the Australian government amid rising coronavirus cases in India

The focus is only to evacuee citizens as soon as we can. The government is constantly working on that. They want people to stay safe and follow government guidelines.

It’s a wrap of the latest news and education updates from the state and territory government on the nomination programs. Get in touch with the Australian Migration Services to stay for the latest updated news for any migration.

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