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What to Look for in a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle in 2023

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When it comes to discussing topics regarding vehicles in 2023, fuel efficiency is at the top of the list. While electric cars and hybrids have been enjoying a steady increase in popularity in recent years, not everyone can afford the heavy price tags they carry – especially when the only options available are new cars. That said, you can find a used car with good fuel efficiency to ensure you’re not needlessly wasting money on extra fuel. Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a fuel efficient vehicle.

Saving Money Overall

If your bottom line is finding a mode of transportation that won’t break the bank when you buy it but will still provide you with long-term fuel savings, the best option is to buy a used vehicle with excellent fuel efficiency. Fuel economy is vital in today’s world of increased inflation because no matter how high the gas prices rise, your car will help ensure you save money as long as you drive it.


For a car to travel the same distance on less fuel, it needs to have a high level of aerodynamic design. This means that the shape of your vehicle needs to be streamlined to allow for less air resistance. When talking to your used car dealer about excellent used vehicles with great fuel economy, avoid leaving aerodynamics out of the conversation.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

It is evident that electric vehicles offer enormous savings in fuel economy, but finding one available that is previously owned or provides a low price point can be challenging. Although the number of electric vehicles offered by manufacturers seems to be growing exponentially each year, they are not the most common type of vehicle on the road as of 2023.

If you can’t find an electric car you can afford, you can still purchase the next best thing in increased fuel economy: a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicles employ both the traditional gasoline engine of the cars you’re used to in combination with an electric motor for increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Lighter Weight

Along with aerodynamics, using lighter-weight materials in the manufacture of any vehicle will result in better fuel economy. If the car you’re considering contains components that are made out of aluminum or carbon fibre, there’s a better chance that it will also have better fuel economy than one that is built primarily using traditional materials like steel.


No matter what you can determine about how your potential new vehicle is built or what your used car dealer might tell you, there’s no comparison to the information you’ll get when you check for ratings by consumers who have experience driving that particular vehicle and experts in the industry. Given this fact, you should always check online for ratings on fuel efficiency before purchasing any car.

If you’re in the market for your next car, talk to your used car dealer about their best options in fuel efficiency.


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