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Know Your Tyres: Warning Signs That Your Tyres Need To Be Replaced

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Tyres, second to only the engine, are one of the most important aspects of a car. However, that also means, tyres can be grossly under-maintained.

Steering, braking, accelerating, and fuel efficiency are some of the few things that are directly affected by the tyres. To ensure that your car’s performance does not fall and cause you to mishandle it, you should know when to change your tyres.

Changing Car Tyres: The warning signs you need to pay attention to

Using worn-out tyres will lead to many problems, busting a tyre, mishandling, and poor steering and wheel alignment to name a few. And it is because paying attention to the warning signs below is recommended:

·       Cracked Sidewalls:

Cracks on tyre sidewalls are one of the first few signs that show the ageing of your tyre. With constant exposure to UV rays, the compounds of your otherwise strong tyres will become brittle and crack.

       The cracks begin to eat away at the tyre, which leads to low performance. Crack can also lead to leaks, pressure differences and can also result in sidewall collapse. All of these events can have a catastrophic result on your tyres, especially if it happens during a driving session.

·        Vibrations:

       Car tyres are intrinsically connected to your car. If you begin to experience vibrations or the usual shaking of your car, you should start looking for Tyres Peterborough or wherever you are.

        Although there are a few reasons why your car vibrates while driving, wheels and tyres are one of the primary reasons. It could be due to damage to the wheelbase or due to issues with tyres.

You should get your tyres checked the moment you begin experiencing vibrations.

·        Noisy drive:

        If you begin to hear weird noises coming from your car, you should check it out. Noises are one the most prominent warning signs that something is not right with your car.

        Tyres that are beyond the point of use can also lead to such noises. You could hear unusual squeaks or creaks. In those cases, it is advised to change your tyres.

        Squeaky tyres are the first indicator of tyre tread depth wearing out. Do not ignore the noises.

·        Bulges and blisters:

       Tyre bulges and blisters are not good for your car and its safety. In the crudest terms, these will affect your tyre’s integrity. Additionally, it will reduce the strength of your tyres significantly.

        With that said, tyres with bulges and blisters are more likely to bust. Furthermore, they lead to issues with steering. And if such tyres are used for extended periods, you may see more damages to your car’s structure as well.

       Ensure that when you notice structural changes in the tyres, do not put off changing your tyres.

·       Wearing out treads:

Whether you’re using Michelin Tyres Peterborough or any other brand’s tyre, tread wearing out is common. Treads help your tyres to smoothly glide over different things on a road. Additionally, they provide a better grip on the road and wet surfaces.

        Damaged and worn out treads point to a compromised grip on the road. Once you see that your car’s tyre tread depths are decreasing, you should start finding replacements. The thing is, aquaplaning and grip on the roads will significantly reduce. That alone puts a question mark on the safety considerations of the tyres.

       To check if your car’s tyre tread depth is sufficient, you can measure the distance between the treads. And if you’re not so sure about it, you should consider asking a professional. Should the tread depths be lower than usual, do not waste time in replacing them.

What to remember about wearing out and tyres?

Even if you utilise branded car tyres, all of them are prone to wearing out. Paying attention to the overall condition of your tyres will help you to know when to change them. Ensure that you’re always on top of tyres and the state they are in to maintain safety. 


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