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Know the Right Etiquette to Enjoy Your Delicious Sushi Dish

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Besides general politeness, you will see there are distinct rules and behavior to eat sushi in any conventional restaurant. Learning about this behavior and incorporating them in your eating style will make your dining experience all the more pleasant.

Not just it gives you happiness and satisfaction but the staff at the restaurant will be more interested and attentive to you. In this article, we are going to learn about some of the etiquettes to enjoy your favorite and the most popular Japanese dish “Sushi”.

Acknowledge their greeting

It is a good practice to be polite in a restaurant. You must greet the hostess/host, who would greet you with a conventional “irasshaimase” that implies “please come in.” All you need to do is to acknowledge their greeting. It is not needed to respond anything. Denver is the best place known to experience the rich flavor of Sushi.


If you are sitting in any sushi Denver bar, the proper etiquette would be to simply ask the” itamae” for sushi. Drinks, non-sushi and soup items are provided by the waitress/waiter. You need to ask the itamae what he recommends. Never ask them ‘is it fresh?”. This is simply insulting their food which you do not want to do. Isn’t it?

Respect the itamae

Itamae is generally very busy but whenever he is available, you can engage him into conversation.  This way, you can develop a rapport with him. If you regularly visit that sushi bar, then you are definitely going to reap rewards out of your courteous behavior.

Don’t leave food on your plate

Decide the amount of food that you can eat and order accordingly. It is considered to be ill-mannered to leave food on the plate after finishing your meal. It looks as if you didn’t like the dish.

The dining etiquette

  • Use hot and wet towel offered at the starting of the meal to wash your hands. Fold it nicely and return it after completion of the meal.
  • Don’t rub chopsticks together. When you are not using it, then keep it on the holder parallel to yourself.
  • You can eat nigiri-zushi with hands but eat Sashimi only with the chopsticks.
  • It is considered to be bad to pick up food piece from someone else’s plate.
  • It is considered to be fine to slurp noodles but not soup. In Japanese standards, slurping soup is not considered polite.
  • In conventional sushi-ya, if you aren’t provided a spoon to eat the soup, then you should not ask for one. You must expect to pick up the bowl to drink your soup. Use chopsticks to move the sushi pieces inside your mouth.


Learning etiquette of eating sushi is both fun and simple! Knowing the right way to eat this dish is like knowing your manners! It does not require you to be an expert in enjoying this dish. All the above tips would definitely help you not just while eating sushi but also at any other restaurant.


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