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There is a wide variety of tyres available in the market. However, you must always choose the best ones. This is because tyres are manufactured by keeping various factors in mind. Further, they also have different sorts of tread patterns so that they can have good performance. Today we will tell you everything about tyres and their trade patterns. So if you are a person who always prefers the best tyres for your car, you are at the right place. So let us begin to know about various tyres.

Varieties of Tyres

There are many types of tyres. Use Tyres Stockport to get a suitable tyre. All the tyres are designed and named according to their driving times. Following are the various types of tyres:

Summer tyres: These are the standard Tyres used by most people in many countries. As the name suggests, Summer tyres are designed to work in countries with temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. So behave soon an optimised and sound performance in hot countries. They are designed with a soft rubber compound to provide more grip and stability when driven on roads. Further, they have some specific sports tread pattern which helps in protecting from Aqua planning.

They are made for agility and speed in hot and humid conditions. They have less grooving, which allows them to contact maximum with the roads, and hence they provide better grip. So if you live in a country where the temperature is above 7, prefer summer tyres.

Winter tyres: Again, as the name says, winter tyres are designed to work for icy, snowy and wet reasons. They have more grooves so that they can have low contact with the ground. And hence they can have a better grip in damp and snowy regions.

Grooves are more on winter Tyres to prevent hydroplaning. In addition, these tires are made to provide flexibility when the temperature is low. Winter tires offer more handling and stability in cool regions. When driving in snow or the mountains, their grooves ensures that you get better safety and handling facility.

Therefore, if you live in a cool place, prefer winter tyres.

Part worn tyres: Part worn tyres are usually purchased to eliminate the expense of new tyres. Although when you buy part worn tyres, they might not provide you complete safety but have a low cost compared to new tyres.

Most of the times part worn tyres are sold illegally in the majority of places. However, in some countries, it is entirely legal to sell part worn tyres. But buying a part-worn tyre may risk your life. However, the cost will be lesser than new tyres.

All-season tyres: All season tyres are made to work in both summer as well as winter seasons. These tyres are not specifically designed for summer or winter. These Tyres can be used in every climatic condition. Further, they provide safety and confidence to the drivers to drive in all climates.

However, people purchase all-season tyres to eliminate the cost of purchasing two sets of tyres. They are designed with deeper treads and more groves so that they can work in both situations. Moreover, all-season tyres have shown exemplary performance in handling, braking and cornering.

Budget tyres: These tyres are an option for the people who often choose tyres of low price. Buying a budget tyre is both cost-effective, and the tyre quality is also sound. Therefore, if you want to purchase tyres at a low cost, then you prefer budget tyres.

Run-flat tyres: These tires are made to provide safety on the road if a puncture occurs. Furthermore, run-flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls as compared to regular tyres. Therefore, it helps in driving the vehicle for a short distance, even after a puncture.

These are the various varieties of tyres. Prefer Dunlop tyres Stockport to get premium tyres.


If you purchase a low-quality tyre, then you might need more maintenance. Therefore it is better to prefer premium tyres which are suitable for your region.

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