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Is Dandruff the Primary Cause of Your Hairfall? Here’s The Answer

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Dandruff is a condition that people with any hair type can encounter. It causes the scalp to develop white flakes, which keep falling on your shirt’s collar. If left ignored, the condition could get aggravated.

Over time, you will start noticing itching, inflammation, and the increased urge to scratch. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to follow the proper hair care routine. Most importantly, try to get rid of it as naturally as possible.

People have been worried about whether or not Dandruff causes hair loss. This question has been troubling them for years. Read on to put an end to this worry and to clarify all the doubts.

What are the kinds of Dandruff?

  • Mild Dandruff

If you are taking too much stress, you should stop it now. It, indeed, is one of the reasons why your scalp is becoming all flaky. You should do some stress-busting stuff just for the sake of your hair.

Another reason is the dry scalp, which causes a kind of fungus to grow. This fungus further causes it to appear. Moreover, it would help if you eliminate all those hair products that lead to irritation. They can cause allergies, which can result in more Dandruff.

  • Severe Dandruff

Severe Dandruff is way more horrifying. It manifests due to a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. It affects your scalp and causes skin inflammation. The primary reason behind this medical condition could be hormonal imbalance or yeast infestation.

Due to yeast, your scalp can mess with the levels of sebum production. However, severe it can be genetic.

Does Dandruff Result in Hair Fall?

There is no direct connection between Dandruff and hair fall. However, there are some indirect ways:

  • Dandruff gives rise to scratching and irritation. This can damage your hair follicles and cause your hair to fall.
  •  If you shampoo irregularly, you should now think twice. It won’t make your Dandruff go away. If anything, it will only result in the condition getting worse.
  •  Moreover, brushing hair aggressively can put massive pressure on your hair strands. This can make your hair follicles weak and finally result in hair fall.

How to Deal with Dandruff?

Here are some ways that can help you tackle Dandruff:

  • Proper Hydration. Coconut oil has antifungal qualities that can help restore your scalp’s hydration and remove it. But do not use it in the case of seborrheic dermatitis.
  •  Remove Stress. Exercise, yoga, and meditation can help you live a stress-free life.
  •  Improve Your Diet. Eat stuff that is packed with vitamin Bs, healthy fats, and zinc.


Whether mild or severe, Dandruff should not be neglected. Ensure you attend to this problem right after you see signs of it. Try to maintain your hair’s health and strength. It is recommended to follow a proper hair care regime. If you want to buy men’s hair products, you can quickly get them from Shahnaz Husain.


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