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Improve your DME Prior Authorization Future with Sunknowledge Experts

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One of the vital areas of concern in the prior authorization process is patients not being able to receive the needed right medication at the right time. That can be due to various reasons like – new prescription or because of a change in insurer rules, changing authorization regulations, incorrect authorization process and many other reasons.

In DME the authorization process, you further need experts who can manage authorization regulations and are equally aware of the present authorization regulations; that will help practices with reduced error rates. Moreover with the present crisis according to a recent survey, almost half of pharmacists and two-thirds of prescribers have been reported an increase in health IT since the crisis time which is now more than the past 18 months. This not only requires interoperability efforts to address clinician burden but also an eye for authorization errors. Furthermore, the survey has also stated that more than half of prescribers and pharmacists described prior authorizations follow up to be extremely frustrating. This is where Sunknowledge being a next gen RCM organization can help your DME prior authorization process.

Easing the complex authorization process, which at times can be frustrating for your staff working on minimizing the prior authorizations complications, our experts take calculative strategies and steps easing the complete process.

With a proper correct documentation and communication, our expert further reduces your chances of errors and so denial and rejection. Taking your complete DME authorization responsibility with direct doctor’s office follow up, our expert ensures:

  • Correct authorization initiation
  • Faster Approval
  • Rigorous Follow – up

Catering to your authorization needs by following the right protocol and compliance regulation, we also ensure 100% authorization submission on the same day. With other benefits like 80 percent operational cost reduction, highest collection etc, we make the perfect answer for your complex, time taking DME prior authorization.


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