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Importance of Natural Tourism

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It can be understood by Nature Tourism or Natural Tourism, the trips organized by people with the aim of carrying out recreational activities in contact, Pakistan tour packages precisely and as their name hereafter, with nature, and with the communities or cultural expressions integrated in their environment.

It is a practice that is carried out by people who intend to know and enjoy the natural resources of an area of ​​the planet. Well managed, it is essential to develop plans for the conservation and protection of the natural environment , since it is an important economic resource, not only for natural areas, their fauna and flora, but also for the various human communities that populate this geographic space. concrete.

It can be divided into different tourism sectors according to the activities and characteristics of the environment that you want to visit. Thus we have:

Ecological Tourism or Ecotourism

when natural spaces are protected by their special diversity and by the conservation programs that are developed in them.

Rural Tourism

Which is based on making contact with a culture in a rural environment, knowing the life, history and customs of these places, which are usually small and very well preserved populations, both the towns and their surroundings.

Adventure Tourism

where through specialized agencies or tourist companies, attractive sports activities are organized, some of which involve a strong physical challenge, taking place in nature.


which is based on enjoying a vacation in a farm or agricultural area, hosted by the farmers themselves and learning or participating in the various agricultural activities that take place there.

– There is also Agro Ecotourism, when the farm or ranch in question is ecological. Both in its products and in its methods. This is very popular with ecology lovers because it allows them. During these days staying in the place, to enjoy a totally healthy and natural diet.

Agro-tourism developed a lot in Italy in the last century. Due to the permission to open these establishments for meals in rural and agricultural places exempt from taxes. This is how many restaurants or hotels were camouflaged under this name. Naran Kaghan Tour Packages which actually had a small farm to evade taxes but not because it was the source of their activity. Hence, one should be well informed if one wants to enjoy true Agro-tourism abroad.

Blue Tourism

which would be tourism-oriented to enjoy natural marine spaces with great biodiversity. And that allow activities such as scuba diving or simply bathing in the company of unique species. Such as dolphins, schools of exotic fish, corals, etc …

– We would also have Ornithological Tourism , which is based on visiting protected or enabled areas for bird watching. Photography lovers are very fond of this type of tourism.

Hunting Tourism

They are usually people who are fond of hunting. Who are going to spend a few days in a hunting park. Which is a place where they are allowed to hunt those animals that due to excess number or age. Should disappear but it does not happen due to lack of predators. Park agents accompany hunters at all times, indicating that they can hunt.

Ichthyol Tourism

It is similar to the Cinegético but focused on fishing. They are natural spaces focused on fans. They have their breeding seasons and times when they receive tourists to reduce the excess number of certain species.

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