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Boldly or subtly stated, the ultimate goal of any organization is to make a profit. Increasing sales and reducing production costs, among other factors, can enhance the profitability of any organization. However, one approach to profitability that has consistently proven effective is being customer-centric. 

Any organization that prioritizes customer satisfaction and places it at the center of its business will eventually reap the rewards of customer loyalty, leading to increased profits as customer patronage drives sales upward. 

How to Be Customer-Centric

To be customer-centric as an organization, it is essential to strive to understand your customers’ needs and expectations, identify their challenges, and provide effective solutions that leave them satisfied. The key to achieving this is through proper communication.

Means of Communication

To know the mind of your customers, you must communicate with them, either through circulars, content, social media, websites, or phone calls. However, since communication is a two-way thing, the best forms of customer communication are those that involve immediate feedback, as this ensures that the message being passed down to the customer is fully understood.

Proper Communication 

Now when interacting with a customer, it is important that the staff has a basic knowledge of the customer being engaged, as this gives the customer a sense of importance.

One great aid to customer satisfaction is having the customer’s information at your disposal; when the staff knows the customer is engaged, from the contact information, it gives the staff an upper hand, as it prepares them for what to expect from the customer, what better solution the customer might need, and how best to attend to the needs of the customer. 

To this end, most organizations have chosen to arm their staff with software, like customer relationship management software that gives the staff an upper hand when interacting with customers.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Customer relationship management software is a database that stores all the information of an organization’s customers, be it past, current, or even prospective.       

Giving your staff an array of information about each customer they relate with, ranging from the customer’s contact information to the customer’s transactions, down to the customer’s behavior and product need, will better prepare the staff to understand the situation of the customers at any given time, know their challenge and expectations, and be prepared to give a proper solution.

While alternatives such as manual filling systems and Excel spreadsheets exist, they are becoming outdated due to their limited scalability, precision, and shareability compared to customer relationship management (CRM) software. With CRM software, organizations can effortlessly track sales leads and effectively manage sales processes, marketing strategies, IT support, and customer service. 

A fundamental advantage of customer relationship management software is its ability to collect and consolidate all customer touchpoints, including social media, emails, phone calls, text messages, and more. By connecting the dots between these interactions, the software provides users with comprehensive customer details for every engagement. Equipped with such information, your staff will be well-prepared to efficiently address any customer challenge.

Getting a Customer Relationship Management Software

Now we have talked about what customer relationship management software is, and how important it is for your organization. The next step should be getting one, and integrating it into your organization’s daily activities. Just as there are different models of phones and cars, we also have a variety of this great software out there, with each doing its best to outdo the other. The Zoho customer relationship management software is one of the software out there. 

Two distinctive qualities that make the Zoho software stand out are its customization and its call center management integration.

  • Zoho Customization

Now due to the extremely wide range of customers out there on the market, Zoho can’t customize their products to tailor the needs of all their customers, what they do is create a product that serves the basic needs of all industries and customers out there, while leaving the system open to customization.

Each customer can then integrate other applications onto the software, or for better efficiency, the user can bring in its own developers to build customized add-ons for them. This customization can be properly integrated to specifically tailor the needs of the customer, no matter the industry. 

The advantage of this is that a wide range of industries, from software, banking, insurance, network providers, education, real estate, science and technology, and even startups can use customer relationship management software that is built and customized to their taste and standard.

  •   Zoho Call Center Integration

The second distinctive feature of the Zoho software is the Zoho desk call center management integration. As we stated earlier on, every organization that is customer-centric must maintain constant communication with their customers, be it through inbound or outbound calls.

From sales teams making calls to potential leads, and lagging customers, to customer care receiving complaints and inquiry calls, calls are an essential part of communication for every organization out there. 

Now for some start-up organizations, the calls may be few, so a few staff can properly handle them all, but for most organizations, with lots of customers, it becomes increasingly difficult for just staff to handle all calls.

There are many call center software for Zoho integration out there, so it is important to first consult with your developers and IT support, to ascertain which one is best for your industry, and organization.

Customization Of Zoho Software 

The Zoho software can be customized and implemented to aid proper call management. Remember we said that the CRM contains all the data of customers, therefore, a Zoho CRM call center integration harnesses this information at hand, and helps the staff to be better prepared to handle all calls, be it complaints, inquiries, or sales leads.

A tricky combination of AI and bot can be made with the Zoho CRM software, for better speed and automation.

Another distinctive feature is that Zoho provides a comprehensive call center integration solution. This call center integration solution, which is also called Zoho desk voice, helps the user to make and receive calls without having to leave the software of the help desk, and that’s just amazing.

The Zoho CRM integration can also be customized to keep inbound customers in the queue, taking them through different layers, which contain self-help options that might solve their issues. It can also be automated to direct customer’s calls to the different department that is well suited to handle their case, it can even redirect the call to a customer’s favorite staff. All these options make the Zoho phone system integration for call centers a vital tool for an organization’s growth.

How To Implement Call Center Integration With Zoho

As much as the Zoho integration for call centers has all these vast advantages, if a proper integration practice is not followed, the user might not enjoy all these bonuses. The five (5) integral practices for implementing call center integration with Zoho are;

  • Planning- To properly integrate with Zoho desk, first write out why you are purchasing the software, and what you want to do with it, making sure to include the specific call needs of your organization.
  • Configuration- after purchasing the software and integrating your call, it is expedient to launch the basic build-up, integration, and add-ons of the software. This is also the stage for your developers to add your customized add-ons and needs. 
  • Migration- the next stage after the configuration process is the data migration process. In this stage, all the pre-existing data of your organization are to be transferred carefully onto the software, in order to integrate properly. It is I’m this stage that your call center is made to integrate with the Zoho desk call center.
  • Testing- after the migration stage, it is expedient to test, and check every detail to be sure it meets your specific need.
  • Training- Lastly, it is important to intensely train your staff on how to use every function of the software, so that they can maximize its full potential. Most organizations play this step down a lot, to get the maximum function of the call system integration with Zoho desk, it is important that each staff knows how to surf the software.

Finally, integrating a call center with Zoho can be great and all, but at the same time, it could be complex. The configuration of the various systems involved, and toggling of data can get tricky, that’s why it’s important to consult veterans in the field, before venturing into it.


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