I’m feeling curious Google fun facts

The Google search received another feature recently. The novelty allows users to search for i’m feeling curious facts without leaving the search engine. The elements appear on the results page when users explore “Entertaining facts” or “I’m handling curious.” The trick features a busy box that includes a frequently requested question on Google and its answer.

The user can also use the “Ask another question” button to resume scanning the database. Each solution is attended by a connected link, which can be used to receive more details on the issue.

I’m Feeling Curious – Use the Internet to Find Answers

There are many ways to express your curiosity. Some people read gossip columns or manage fact television. Others might want to understand a particular subject, study science or landscape, or even repair something. However, you can tap into this feeling when you feel stuck or bored. The possibilities are endless. No issue, the reason for handling curiosity, you can use the Internet to find solutions to your queries. Read on to learn more about the many ways to communicate your curiosity.

Use Google: This is the king of search engines, and it’s easy to find answers to various questions. Google, the world’s largest search engine, searches all renowned websites. Try Google points to see which of your questions is the most famous. To clear your browser’s history and cache, press Ctrl+H to open your browser’s history. Then, click the Clear Browsing Data button at the window’s bottom-right corner.

In addition, use Google’s new feature for “I’m feeling curious” to learn more about anything you’re interested in. Try searching for “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious” in Google, and you’ll get a random fact, usually pulled from the news or Wikipedia. You can continue the search by asking more questions if you’re still inquisitive. This way, you’ll learn something new and mesmerizing about anything.

Google Fun Facts!

– New Google search function lets you ‘exchange an idea with your PC’ (Photo: Reproduction / Google). This novelty is part of “I’m Lucky.” When the user hovers over it, the text changes, and with that, searches can be made on specific topics without having to type anything in the search bar.

In place of “I’m sensing lucky,” there will be other buttons that allow you to search for nearby eateries in “I’m handling starving,” photos of selected sights in “I’m feeling wonderful,” and make contributions in “I’m feeling abundant.” Also, the “I’m feeling lucky” process requires that the user uses the website and not the regional variations of the search.

Other Google tricks you probably don’t know

We all know that Google is the most used search engine for its speed and responsiveness (with quality!). You may not know that, from games to shortcuts, there are dozens of secret hacks to discover.

Filter results

Use a hyphen (minus sign) to filter out unwanted results in your search. If you are looking for Marketing articles but don’t want course links to appear, write marketing – courses for a cleaner search.

Find the site you’re looking for

If you are not finding the website you want, choose to type in the website search engine: before the page name for a more effective search.

We all know that Google is the most used search engine for its speed and responsiveness (with quality!). You may not know that, from games to shortcuts, there are dozens of secret hacks to discover.

How to upload a photo on google search engine

It is possible to upload an image to a search engine or insert the URL of an image already uploaded on the Internet to find information about a specific photo. Imagine you saw a piece of clothing in a random image on Facebook: this feature will help you find it. Read more here: I’m feeling curious.

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