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Maintain Productivity – Remotely Access Your Work PC

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Want to break free from the constraints of the office, say goodbye to the daily commute and embrace a more flexible and efficient way? Explore the power of remote access software and realize how to access your work PC remotely.

A trusted & powerful remote desktop software

Here introduce you to a trusted and powerful remote desktop software free download, AnyViewer for secure and easy access. With it, you can effortlessly connect to your work PC from a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Its user-friendly interface guarantees a smooth and frustration-free experience. Its latest and advanced technologies ensure low latency and smooth connection. It values data security, using ECC algorithm for end-to-end encryption. What’s more, you can download, install and run it in a matter of minutes, allowing you to start remote connection without delay. Now, see its important features:

  • Unattended remote access: It’s available to access unattended work PC via security code or one-click access.
  • Interactive remote access: It is very suitable for an IT technician who wants to offer one-time support by sending a remote control request and waiting for approval.
  • Seamless file transfer: The feature enables swift and secure file transfer between your remote device and office computer, making remote work a breeze.
  • View screen: You can view the screen of the computer
  • Multiple-monitor support: You can choose to show all monitors or only one monitor if your remote office computer has multiple monitors.
  • Lock interface: The feature allows you to lock your AnyViewer program on your remote work computer, thus others can’t adjust AnyViewer settings when you let others use your office computer for a while.

Detailed guide: Remotely access your work PC from PC or mobile device

Can’t wait to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of remotely accessing your work PC without space limitations? Free download the outstanding remote desktop software and check out the step-by-step guide of unattended remote access to your work computer from home or during a trip.

Firstly, double-click the installation package and follow the prompts to install and run AnyViewer on your office computer; install and run AnyViewer on local device (laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device).

Then, create an Any Viewer account and log into it on both the office computer and your local device.

Finally, on your local device, go to Device, click the remote work PC, and click One-click control. The desktop of the remote computer will demonstrate on your local device and you can use it for your work.

If your work computer is located in an open place and you don’t want it to be viewed or used by others when you get remote access to work computer from home, you can upgrade your AnyViewer account to Professional or Enterprise for privacy mode feature. Of course, other features like high-quality image are also available.


All in all, you can easily and securely get remote access to your office computer from home or somewhere else, as long as you apply the great remote access app, Any Viewer. It unlocks the  the true potential of remote work and improves your productivity. Embrace the freedom, flexibility, and security that the remote access solution offers. Don’t wait, just try it and enjoy the fantastic remote connection.


Question 1: Is remote access over Any Viewer secure?

Answer 1: Yes! It employs robust encryption measures to ensure your data is safe.

Question 2: Can I access my work PC from a different time zone over AnyViewer?

Answer 2: Yes! It allows you to access your work PC from anywhere in the world, regardless of time zone.

Question 3: Can I access my work PC from any device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone over AnyViewer?

Answer 3: Yes! You can access your work PC from a laptop, a table, or a smartphone over AnyViewer.

Question 4: Can I control multiple remote computers from my local computer over AnyViewer?

Answer 4: Absolutely. Free plan can support controlling 2 computers from one. To control more computers from one, you need to upgrade your account.


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