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How Travel and Tourism industry will survive after the COVID-19 outbreak?

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Traveling can help us deal with ups and downs. It takes away the melancholy of life and gifts us a beautiful, stress-free mind. Two years back, when the pandemic hit us, the virus started to gobble up the economy from every sector. The tourism industry uplifts the Indian economy well. But from the last two years, international tourism almost turns into a non-existing entity. The travel and tourism industry failed miserably to inject foreign currencies into financial earnings.

Special Flights

It feels like yesterday when the domestic and international flights were being canceled due to the rise of coronavirus. Special flights had been arranged for Indian citizens who want to visit their homeland. Meanwhile, the situation got worse. People got stuck in their homes. The nature of the virus was mysterious to the scientists. There were uncertainties everywhere. The entire world was swinging back and forth like a pendulum. We got caught between life and death. Get more information about Hotel management courses in kolkata

Pandemic Free

But look at the current scenario. Almost 58% of adults get their first doses of vaccine in India. 44% of adults are done with the first doses worldwide. There is still a long pathway to cross. We should stay positive and look forward to a pandemic-free future. But it is also true that people are going through a mental disruption for a very long time. The closed walls of the room, the sorrowful condition everywhere make our minds depressed. It is indeed a grueling time for us.

Tourism Industry

Just not only the virus, if we see the weather reports, we will also see that many cyclones hit the coastal area of India. Earthquakes, tropical storms, wildfires, drought affect the tourist spots real badly. We are in desperate need to revive the tourism industry as soon as possible. We can start with domestic tourism.

Local tourism mainly in village areas

As we spend time on rectangular slabs, we see many posts about eco-resorts, house stay, palace cum resorts on social media networking sites. Local tourism mainly in village areas and semi-urban areas gets a boost in recent times. The reasons behind the rise of these properties are they are very close to nature and cost-effective. It should not be a long trip. You can cover the tourist destination within 4 to 5 days.

Resorts and Hotels

There were days when resorts and hotels turned into isolation centers. But things are getting back to normal at a snail’s pace. The holiday season is about to arrive in India from the next month. Also, the third wave of covid may knock on our door any day. If we can secure proper air-bubble arrangements within international flights, traveling would be possible between India to other countries. But for now, we have to depend on domestic tourism.

Food Walk Trips

The travel and tourism industry is going to be a booming industry in the near future. Many tour planners have come up with religious trips, food walk trips, adventure trips, heritage trips, etc. They have made tie-ups with local operations. Some people work for travel agencies and plan the full package of the trip. Some people are becoming entrepreneurs. There are multiple career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry. One just needs a proper guide to direct on the right path.

Indian Institute of Hotel Management

Kolkata has come up with several courses on travel and tourism management. This institute offers a 2-year diploma course, 2-year master degree, and 3-year bachelor degree course on travel and tourism management. Indian Institute of Hotel Management also provides the best of hotel management courses, hospital management courses, hospitality management courses, culinary management courses, etc.

Indian Institute of Hotel Management

This institute possesses a beautiful campus, a well-furnished building standing with its head high amid the green lush area of Salt Lake, Kolkata. Highly qualified faculty will make the learning a world-class experience. Indian Institute of Hotel Management trusts one can acquire knowledge from working with people. So, the institute provides 6 months of industrial training to 5-star deluxe hotels.

Hotel Management organizes study

Indian Institute of Hotel Management organizes study tours all over India that add educational value to each student. Outdoor activities are organized throughout the whole year food festival, chef contest, mocktail and cocktail making contest, carnival, cultural events, etc. It will help the students to adapt better team management skills and become more professional.

This institute provides 100% guaranteed placement assistance all over India. Indian Institute of Hotel Management has tie-ups with national and multi-national companies like Jet Airways, Indigo, Reliance Industries, HSBC, The Park hotels, Taj Hotels, JW Marriott, Hyatt hotels and resorts, and many more. Get ready to start your career and be a part of one of the best management institutes in Kolkata. Fill the bucket of your academic excellence with the help of expert faculties and modern practical lab facilities.

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