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How to Wash Clothes in Washing Machine by Maintaining the Quality of the Clothes

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It is not at all a good idea to buy new clothes every time just because we people are not aware of washing the cloth in the home either by hand or in the Washing machine. Knowing how to wash clothes is your lifetime important skill otherwise your clothes may start to smell and dirty. 

Washing clothes in Washing Machine:

Now, the Washing machine is the greatest invention of the Industrial revolution because it reduces women’s workload in a number of ways. However, it is normal to feel confused while you buy a new washing machine because there are lots of different types of washing machines available in the market. Since washers come in a different shape, size and functionality, each machine needs to be used in a different way due to the variation of designs.

In fact, how to wash clothes without ruining them is a basic skill. But before learning about the step by step methods of running the washing machine and how to wash clothes in the washing machine, it is also necessary to know about your clothes first and separate the clothes as per the color and texture, need to know how much detergent and what type of detergent you should use for which cloths and also the right washing cycle. 

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Separate & Divide the Clothes:

Not all the fabric, texture and colour are made the same, so you have to select and separate the items as per the fabric and colour. Separate light colour from the dark one: The worst mistake which can be made while washing clothes is the mix up of dark colour with the light colour clothes in the washing machine.

New Cloths always lose some of the dye colourings during the washing cycle and if you are putting light colour cloths with it in the washing cycle then the light colour clothes will pick that dye. 

Separate Cloth by texture and Fabric:

Now, you should not wash heavy fabrics like denim jeans or towels with any delicate items like lingerie, bras, and handkerchief as delicate items can be damaged in machines if you wash them with such heavy fabric items. Try to avoid the addition of hot water to wash the bright color clothes. 

Read the label on the cloth:

Some clothes maybe you can only dry cleaned while other cloth which is made of wool, needs to be hand-washed with a soft detergent and need to be dried by placing a towel over it. One more thing that we have to take care of while washing cloth on the machine is to zip all the zippers and turn the clothes inside out for washing. 

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Figure out the Detergent as well:

Don’t throw the clothes into the machine, dump some detergent and turn the machine on. There is a process to follow like fill the washing machine with water about one-third full and then add the detergent and mix it with water. After that, you can add your clothes.

How much detergent you want to use will depend on the quantity and size of your cloth as well as your machine. Be careful while using detergent or bleach as chlorine bleach is good for making white clothes even whites mainly cotton and linen whereas all fabric bleach is useful for colors and chlorine sensitive fabrics. 

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Choose the right Setting in the Machine:

Another essential part is to choose the proper setting in the machine along with the temperature of the water and quantity of water as well. It is always necessary to know how to wash clothes in the washing machine by maintaining proper process. Use cold water for dark clothes and warm water for light-colored with dirty and smelly clothes.

Even washing clothes would be different for different washing machines like fully automatic machines and semi-automatic machines. Even fully automatic machines can be of two types: top load machines and front load machines. Top Load machines are easy to use. These machines have a door on the top from where you will load your clothes into the drum of the machine. 

To use the top Loading washing machine:

  1. After choosing the right laundry detergent for your clothes, add detergent to the empty drum.
  2. Then add your clothes and keep enough space at the top of the drum.
  3. Follow the washing instructions as per the fabric care label and pick the right cycle.
  4. After completing the wash, unload the laundry immediately to keep the clothes fresh. 

To use the Front Loading Washing Machine:

  1. First, need to know the dose of the detergent first as it will depend on the quantity of washing you are doing. Pour the detergent into the drawer of the washing machine.
  2. Open the door and place the laundry in the machine by keeping enough space on the machine.
  3. Pick the temperature as per the temperature of the garments fabric care label.
  4. Based on the fabric care guidance, select the right spin cycle on the machine. 
  5. Close the door and press go or start.
  6. Unload clothes from the machine to keep the clothes fresh.

To use Semi Automatic Machine: 

  1. Add the clothes to the tub.
  2. Add detergent and water and keep enough space.
  3. Select the process and time you want to wash.
  4. Drain the water when the wash is complete.
  5. Add water again without detergent to wash the clothes properly.
  6. Now, drain the water and spin dry clothes. For the twin tub machine, transfer the clothes to the spinner tub after draining the water.
  7. Remove the clothes and hang them to dry.


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