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7 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Washing Machine

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A report claims that the Indian washing machine market is poised to maintain a CAGR of 3.7% to 2026. This impressive growth rate is primarily thanks to key players, such as Whirlpool, Samsung and LG washing machines. This growing popularity of washers also means that consumers need to understand the different features and aspects of such an appliance before buying.

There are extensive ranges of models, designs, sizes and features and technical specifications. Additionally, installation requirements and costs are other major factors that can influence consumers’ buying decisions.

However, individuals must consider several important factors before purchasing the best washing machine for their homes.

Top 7 aspects to look for in a washing machine

Before picking a washing machine, one should be well aware of their needs and requirements. Considering the factors mentioned below should enable consumers to choose superior models –

  • Types of washing machine: There are two categories of washing machines – Semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic washing machine requires a lot of human interference and manual work, whereas a fullyautomatic machine is highly automated, requiring minimal human input to function.
  • Top-load or front-load: These are the two primary design styles of washing machines. Front-load carries no agitator and uses paddles on the side of the drum. Whereas, top-load machines have an agitator that can damage certain types of fabric during the wash.
  • Proper size and capacity: Before buying a washing machine, one should check the water tub’s dimensions. Larger families require bigger machines to handle all of their laundry and vice versa. Thus, one should consider this aspect carefully.
  • Price: Your budget will determine whether you can pick a front load washing machineor if you would need to stick to a top-load one. Premium models sport a matching price tag, but also offer advanced technologies.
  • Safety features: One should never compromise with safety while buying an electronic appliance. They should consider factors like- auto restart, over-heating control, spin speed- selection, child lock, rodent protection, water-level control etc.
  • Easy washing programs: Bubble wash, one-touch wash, quick wash are some of the pre-programmed wash modes that are present in certain modern washers. These programmes can help optimise a wash cycle based on the type of fabric or stain.
  • After-sales service quality:  Samsung and LG washing machines are popular not only for their product quality but also due to their impressive customer service. Before buying a model, check to see whether that particular brand offers service centres near your residence. Otherwise, finding professional help if the machine malfunctions can become difficult.

Top models of washing machines

Here are some of the best washing machines you can buy, under various price segments –

  • LG 6.5kg 4-star semi-automatic top loading machine (Approximately- Rs.10000)
  • Bosch 6.5kg fully automatic top loading washing machine (Approximately- Rs.16000)
  • Samsung 6.0kg inverter fully automatic front loading machine (Approximately- Rs.22000)
  • LG 6.0kg 5-star inverter fully automatic front loading machine (Approximately- Rs.28000)

Both the first and last option in this list are LG washing machines. Still, the features and differences between the two result in the significant price gap among them.


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