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How to Make Money with Onlyfans

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Nowadays, several content-sharing platforms are available for creators to earn money. Onlyfans is one of them with lots of controversies. It is controversial because creators got the liberty to upload everything, including porn. After some time, they lock porn behind their paywall. OnlyFans was launched in 2016, and it is famous among celebrities and sex workers for income.

You can find several TikTok creators on this platform. They offer exclusive content to their fans for money. Surprisingly, OnlyFans has over 130 million people. In October 2021, they announced a ban on sexually explicit videos and backtracked after a few days. In this article, we will share the main reasons behind their decision.

Overview of OnlyFans

A London-based content sharing platform, OnlyFans, is a website without any official app. Timothy Stokely is behind its creation. You are allowed to earn money through photos, videos, and one-on-one chat offers. In the adult entertainment niche, it is a famous platform. In early 2019, New York Times entitled it a platform to change the dimensions of sex work through a paywall of porn.

Reasons Behind Ban on Porn

On 19 August 2021, there was an announcement from the company that they were planning to ban sexually explicit content. Moreover, they cited a need to comply with payout providers and banking partners. They were doing this for the long-term sustainability of the platform. In this way, they could host a huge community of fans and creators. To obtain all these benefits, they had to evolve their content guidelines.

Remember, OnlyFans is the only host of X-rated content. This service is available on the web instead of mobile app platforms like Android and iOS. OnlyFans tried to find outside investors because creators can upload explicit content. Maybe potential investors and app stores were unable to deal with porn issues. Basically, OnlyFans thought to clean up every issue for secure funding.

OnlyFans has tested banning porn; therefore, it recently launched OFTV. It is a streaming service that restricts sexually explicit material. The service requires original content from over 100 creators. OFTV streams more than 800 videos, including cooking and fitness. OnlyFans failed to ban sexually explicit content because of some issues with banking partners.

However, the site faced severe backlash from media, creators, and subscribers for promoting porn and making sex workers powerful. Now, the platform has reversed this ban. The company claimed that it is no longer needed because of assurances from baking partners. OnlyFans can now support all sorts of creators.

Famous People on OnlyFans

To generate additional income, every type of creator can use OnlyFans, including models, sex workers, physical fitness experts, actors, influencers, and musicians. They can get monthly income from fans, pay-per-view features, and tips. For instance, you can access OnlyFans page of Blac Chyna for $20 per month. Rubi Rose (rapper) made over $100,000 after posting her photos.

Some other famous people on OnlyFans are Aaron Carter (musician), Larsa Pippen (TV personality), Amber Rose (internet personality), Tana Mongeau (influencer), etc. If you want to join this platform, create an account on its official site. Feel free to create it from scratch or join Google or Twitter account.

After creating your account, you will be redirected to the Home page. Make sure to check the account settings page to change email, username, and several other preferences. The left sidebar allows you to access notification settings, security, and profile. Your profile will help you set a subscription price and change the display name.

Main Pages of OnlyFans

  • Home: It is a page to see other people’s content (you follow) on your feed, such as close friends. You can see suggestions to follow other people. Moreover, you can see a search bar to search for other users and creators.
  • Notifications: To see your notifications, you have to visit this page. The page includes past likes, subscriptions, interactions, tips, etc.
  • Create: If you want to share a video, move to “create new posts page” and compose new posts. From this page, you can share your content with your fans. Feel free to add media and start polls.
  • Chats: With the help of chat pages, you can interact with your existing contacts. It allows you to start direct messaging and explain your point of view.
  • Menu: You can see a menu button in the right with your user name, display name, number of followers, and fans. It allows you to access the profile from the menu and settings, lists, bookmarks, and bank info. Remember, menu will help you to activate the dark mode and manage your account.

Tips to Earn Subscription Amount

Fortunately, you can earn online with OnlyFans after verifying your account, adding payment information, and setting a subscription price. Once you are done with everything, you can create posts and lock these posts behind a paywall.

In the menu, you will get options to add a bank. Remember, you should be 18 years old for verification of your account. You have to share your name, address, ID document, and date of birth. Moreover, you have to inform if you are planning to post porn. US creators should complete a W-9 form.

Finally, you have to set a subscription fee in menu, such as Profile – Edit and check for subscription bundle and price. Every user is allowed to set a specific amount each month. Make sure to add payment information or bank account before accepting tips and setting a price.

Earnings from Pay-per-View Messages

OnlyFans allows you to make money with additional tools, such as PPVs (pay-per-view messages). PPV is content that you want to share through messages with fans. They will pay to view your messages. Users can send PPVs to each account by going in messages. Compose a message, attach media and click a price tag in the base to set your rate.

If you want to send pay-per-view to your fans, go to the messaging page and tap on “New Message”, create a message, attach media and set your price. You are free to send this message to all subscribers.


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