How to Improve Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

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According to a Verizon business survey, at least 43% of businesses plan on expanding via digital means this year.

If you’re one of these proactive individuals, the best way to initiate a growth spurt is by kick-starting your IT infrastructure.

Keep reading for guidance on how to get started and keep your business moving forward in 2021 and beyond.

Identify the IT Infrastructure You Need

There are four main types of IT infrastructure most enterprises need to thrive in modern times. These are:

Network Systems

Network systems include all your IT components, including internet connectivity, file sharing via the cloud, network enablement, and security measures.

Communication between these parts must flow smoothly and safely, and there are three main ways to achieve this, i.e.: 

  • Improved network security
  • Cloud computing
  • Increased segmentation, including VLANs and ACLs

Hardware Assets

There’s a good chance you don’t pay any attention to your hardware until it malfunctions. Look carefully at your current assets and conduct some research on how to upgrade them to improve productivity.

Substandard monitors, Ethernet cables, keyboards, and switches can have a small yet impactful effect on the smooth operations of daily tasks. 

The above aspects are simple fixes, but some other hardware upgrades require more planning. 

For instance, switching from the cloud to external servers means you’ll need to figure out which configuration works best, how much bandwidth you’ll need, and where to keep your server.

In some cases, it might make sense to switch over from desktop computers to laptops with docking stations. This requires considerable planning and investment. 

Software Innovations 

It’s vital to keep your software updated to the latest standards. Eventually, software providers stop rolling out updates for archaic software, and new versions of programs you need might not work with outdated operating systems.

Bespoke CRM software is another convenience that can cut down the time spent on entering customer details and sales manually. Enterprise resource planning software helps increase efficiency in resources and time, helping your business run more efficiently. 

New user interfaces, apps, computer programs, and operating systems have a considerable impact on your employees and operations. They can result in a massive surge in productivity, with few risks.

One of the main risks is the time associated with switching over to new software and training your employees on how to use it.  

Web Development

Nowadays, most consumers start their search for goods and services online. So, if you don’t have a business website, you’ve already fallen behind. 

If you do, your website’s functionality, security, design, and interface all impact whether these customers engage with you for their needs. 

The IT infrastructure necessary to keep your website at its best is highly variable depending on your business needs, but these are some basic things to keep tabs on.

  • The functionality of your online shopping system
  • Online booking systems for services
  • Clear descriptions of your services
  • Synchronization between your software and website
  • The user-friendliness of your site

Modern technologies like chatbots and personalized AI-powered recommendations can help improve the way your customers interact with your site. 

Major Considerations When Upgrading These Systems

As you analyze each area of your IT infrastructure and choose improvements, it’s important to keep two things in mind. These are:

Benefits and Risks

Consider how your amendments might affect your clients, your business as a whole, and the operations of each department.

It’s best to discuss these aspects with the relevant employees as well as your IT team. Their input can help you figure out the outcomes of a potential project versus the likely outcomes if you don’t embark on your proposed changes.

Costs Associated With the Project

To figure out the financial impact of a project, you must consider three things. These are the initial costs, implementation costs, and maintenance costs of the system.

Remember to consider the costs of the time involved in setting up, maintaining, and learning these new systems, too. 

Stay Up to Speed With IT Strategies

According to hiring an enterprise consultancy service is crucial for bringing your IT systems in line with globally recognized standards. 

These include the basics of IT management, as follows:

Structured IT Architecture 

Your systems must have a clear structure providing directions for hardware, application, and software installation, integrations, and maintenance. You must have concrete disaster recovery protocols in place too.

If you have a limited in-house capacity, it’s always a good idea to outsource some or all of these responsibilities to a suitably qualified vendor.  

Extensive Backup Systems

Data backups are your first line of defense against security breaches and data corruption. So, it’s vital to back up your data regularly and maintain reports on these backups. 

Onsite Data Storage

The Cloud is great for remote work and collaboration, but nothing beats in-house data storage during an internet outage. Onsite storage provides a durable and stable solution in these instances.

Some cloud services can’t keep up with your bandwidth requirements as your company grows, so keep onsite data storage in mind while adjusting your IT infrastructure. 

Future-Proof Your IT Infrastructure

All these aspects must have the ability to scale upward as your business advances. Unless your systems can expand easily and quickly, your business will never get ahead. 

So, keep this in mind as you plan and implement a robust architecture that can move with the times. Possibilities to consider in your future planning include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Big Data
  • Custom Algorithms
  • Machine Learning

You might never need these state-of-the-art improvements, but if you do, you’ll save a lot of time and money by planning for them now.

Better Business Management With IT

Are you inspired to get your IT infrastructure up and running at its best? It might take some time and money to get the necessary projects underway, but the results are almost guaranteed to make it all worthwhile.

Without the conveniences of technology, your business wouldn’t have made it this far. Imagine what you can achieve with the latest IT advancements under your belt.

Would you like some more guidance on how tech can help your business grow and thrive in modern times? Browse our technology section for the latest news. 

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