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How to Get Free Robux

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A phenomenon of recent years. Roblox is an open world MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in which players can create their own virtual worlds with various item customization options. Which you can purchase after learning how to get free robux that allow each player to have a unique gaming experience.

The ways to earn Robux for free

Robux can be purchase for real money or there is also a way to earn robux for free through. The sale of clothes maps games and experiences within the platform. And with the use of some websites and applications that reward users for performing certain tasks. Check this list for the main ways to get robux for free.

1. Reward sites (task exchange for robux)

There are some sites such as Blox Award and OP Rewards. That provide credits to users when they perform some action within the site which can be exchange for robux later.

They work on both computer and mobile, and reward users by taking quizzes, surveys and quizzes. Some quizzes require the user to get the right answer to get credit, but most answers can be find on the internet, with a quick Google or Youtube search. The user can register using Facebook, Google account or creating a 0 account.

2. Google Opinion Rewards (get reward in robux)

Another way to earn credits that can be redeeme for robux is with the Google Opinion Rewards app. This app, created by tech giant Google, is exclusive to Android phones, and works similarly to reward sites, in which the user answers surveys and earns money for it.

These searches are generally related to your activity registered in your Google account, such as videos watched on Youtube, places visited and registered by Google Maps or searches performed in Google’s search engine.

They happen periodically in the app, and, when answering them, the user receives some money in his Play Store account. After collecting the required amount, the player can log into Roblox and buy the robux with the money acquired by answering Google Opinion Rewards surveys.

3. Microsoft Rewards (Xbox)

On Xbox you can collect credits in a similar way to the Google Opinion Rewards Android app, through Microsoft Rewards. Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series, this app can be download directly into the video game and rewards gamers for completing specific tasks, such as visiting the web pages of games sold on the Microsoft Store, searching Microsoft’s Bing search engine, or earn achievements in games.

4. Selling custom clothes and receiving in robux within Roblox

Want to know how to get free robux without even having to leave the game? All the customization offer by Roblox allows players to completely modify the appearance of their characters, from the clothing used to the objects and accessories, and these personalized clothes can be sold to other players by robux.

Usually Roblox takes some time to complete the sale, so for about three days the garment sold can remain as pending transition, and only after all the necessary checks made by the platform will the robux fall into the player’s account.


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