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What Ensures a Comprehensive DME Billing Process?

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Increasing penetration of any homecare services and also rise in chronic conditions are going to influence the DME market. It is estimated that the entire US DME market is poised to grow at a valuation of almost $76 billion by the end of 2026.

  • Already there is so much happening around the competitive landscape. A lot of Mergers and acquisitions around the market place are surely signs of high prospects and a genuine effort to improve the ecosystem.
  • The end user spectrum is only going to get bigger in the coming days.
  • However, things at present do not look that bright. Lack of staffs is impacting the logistics big time.
  • Minimum wages around the country are at an all time high and according to reports nearly 50% of the small businesses are not finding labors easily.
  • Already, shortages of medical equipment are still continuing to make a lot of noise. It is purely driven by a call on certain CPAP devices and also non invasive ventilators citing the ongoing pandemic.
  • One of the major equipment providers in Salisbury NC, Penrod Medical Equipment had to add new vendors just to get equipments.

“We were worried about too much inventory, so we sold it back” said the president of RAC & Associates in San Diego. And then the surge hit and we started scrambling for equipment”. All you want is someone that can help you focus on your growth priorities while your DME billing is addressed by someone reliable. Everywhere there is an impact of product delays as it’s a battle for everything!

How do you find a vendor in DME BILLING?

What will be your response to this challenge? One might just tell that reducing your expenses might be a good idea. But how will you address that! A quality outsourcing partner can do wonders for you at this hour.

  • It will help you focus on your inventory, products and patients while someone worries about your DME claims.
  • Yes, you need someone to take care of the order entries, taking care of the authorization, working on the eligibilities and following up with the doctor’s office.
  • It will reduce your head aches with loss of revenue due to incomplete claims which hamper your DME billing process.
  • What you need is a resilient vendor with a keen understanding of the processes that upgrades your RC M efforts.

However, you need to have a closer look on the clients they are working with! Also, what is their expertise across different software and if at all the one you use for your DME business. This and a lot more will make things easier for you to choose a perfect DME billing partner.


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