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How to find the cheap hotels near Disney?

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Planning a trip to the happiest place on earth can be difficult when you’re on a budget — especially if you’re traveling with kids. There are so many activities and attractions that Disney World has to offer, but one of the biggest expenses is your hotel room. If you’ve ever stayed at a Wyndham hotel before, then you may have noticed that they usually offer pretty cheap rates, and they even have some hotels near Disney World! For five tips about how to find cheap best value resorts near disney, see this article.

You can find cheap hotel rooms near Disney World

If you’ve been planning a trip to Florida, why not consider visiting Disney World? It’s one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, attracting millions of visitors every year. However, it can be expensive to stay at a hotel in the area, which is why many families prefer to find cheap hotel rooms near Disney World.

Before you plan your next vacation, head over to TripAdvisor and search for resorts near Disney. You can also use this app to plan a vacation for your whole family! One of the most affordable rooms at Wyndham Near Disney. World hotel is usually found on the lower floors in the Parking Garage A or B. These two rooms typically start at around $134 per night, which is a pretty affordable price for Disney World. While these rooms are sold out most days, you can still find them!

The price isn’t always the only reason Disney stays popular with families. The theme parks are second to none when it comes to family fun. The rides, experiences, and merchandise cheap hotels near Disney they offer are worth the price! All you need to do is look at special events and chances to see the newest rides and movies.

Disney has another perk that parents will love: meet and greet opportunities with Disney characters. Character locators can usually be found next to many of the parks and resorts, so you can learn about who is working there or just find one of the happiest characters you’ve ever seen.

If there’s one thing you can trust when it comes to viewing Disney movies with kids, it’s Subscreens Film Festival. Subscreens is an independent film festival that offers screenings of Disney films with kids in attendance for every genre. See their website for full schedules of events.

You can’t visit Disney without taking millions of pictures.

Book early to avoid paying more for your room

Booking as early as possible is the easiest way to ensure you get the best price on your room. You can also ask for free upgrades, like a room with a better view or a room with a better location. If you play your cards right, you could even get a free upgrade to a suite.

Group discounts and referral codes are both another great way to get lower rates when you book your hotel room at a hostel. I just found out about these two, and they cheap hotels near Disney play a big role in getting the best rates for Disney, too. Both of these are online and can easily get you discounts ranging from 60–80%.

You might have noticed that some of the pools at the hotels on property at Disney World are surrounded by fences, but that isn’t a security measure. It’s a process that keeps guests at the pools talking. The fences prevent people from climbing over — or shiny objects from getting stuck in — the fences.

Supposedly, a little-known policy allows guests (and their children) to bring in ice-cream to the pool and eat it there. So bring your tubs, trays, bowls, and cones to help keep the kids occupied! For a few of my favorite pools near Disney World, just google “pool near daphne florea” or visit this page.

Vacations at Disney World are a complete package. With three dining options, stores, a water park, and the breathtaking views of the theme parks, you can easily spend a full week here. Hire a Mickey and Dame Abby (or two) to take you on the perfect Disney vacation.

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