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How to Fill a Crack in Wood?

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Do you notice a crack in a wooden beam or a door? Take action before the wood breaks.

Wood is a durable material but still quite fragile. Several causes can explain a deterioration of wood: humidity, parasites, or poor ventilation … Over time, the wood can weaken and crack.

When you notice it, it is important to fill a crack in the wood quickly. But how? You can book carpenter services in Faisal Town Lahore to fix the cracks in an efficient, easy, and affordable way.

Procedure to Fill a Crack in the Wooden Furniture

Step 1: Prepare the Support

First, the support (the crack area to be filled) must be dry and clean: this is an essential step for the plaster to adhere to the support. First of all, the wood must therefore be exposed. In other words, it should be dewaxed and stripped, if necessary, then lightly sanded. Then dust off the wood completely with a brush, and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Step 2: Mix

Once the cleaning is done, you need to mix it up. Pour one dose of water for three doses of the powder coating, and mix until the dough is smooth. To check the quality of your preparation, you can turn the tool with which you are mixing: if the coating holds well, it is at the right consistency.

Step 3: Apply the Plaster and Let It Dry

As soon as your mixture is ready, apply the sealer to the crack in your wood. Take care to fill the bottom before going up towards the opening of the crack. Then smooth lightly with a spatula and let the plaster dry. It will be dry in 4 hours, and the curing time is 24 hours. If you need professional help, book carpenter in Faisal Town Lahore through an app like Mr. Mahir.


Step 4: Sand

You have to sand, and it’s won: your crack is filled. To make it invisible and not to create a demarcation with the original wood, apply a varnish. Also, take care to choose the filler in the color corresponding to your wood: light or dark.

Precautions to Keep Your Garden Furniture from Cracking

Your garden furniture is subject to bad weather, rain, wind, and sun. To keep its new appearance as long as possible, it should be maintained with suitable products. Maintenance procedures then vary from one material to another. You can book carpenter services in Lahore for keeping your garden furniture as good as new. Follow the guide.

Wood is a natural product. Subject to external aggressions, it can lose its shine, crack, turn gray … Its quality is not altered, however. To preserve the appearance of your wood, a few precautions should be observed, and many wood maintenance products exist to nourish and protect it.

1.      Teakwood

  • Before use, remember to waterproof your teak furniture.
  • Do not hesitate to wet the wood (humidity straightens the teak fibers). The important thing is to let the teak dry well (to avoid black stains).
  • Polish the furniture and then apply teak oil to nourish and protect the wood. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Against stains, use 0 grit sandpaper on clean wood before applying teak oil. The sun’s rays and bad weather dry out the oleoresin in teak, and the wood loses its honey color and turns gray. Apply a wood degreaser or regenerator to regain its natural color.

2.      Pine

If you have not done this already, treat your pine furniture with a stain with insecticidal and fungicidal properties. This will prevent the wood from taking on a gray-green tint over the years.

However, do not hesitate to iron a coat of stain or micro-porous paint every year. Beforehand, clean it with a stiff brush and soapy water. And once dry, sand the wood and strip the damaged areas. Rub it to remove dust, then apply the coat of stain.

3.      Natural Wicker and Rattan

Rub with a damp cloth to remove dust from wicker or rattan furniture and allow it to air dry. If this is not enough, use a vacuum cleaner.

Feed your wicker or rattan furniture with linseed oil (follow the manufacturer’s instructions), then polish with a soft cloth. Leave to air dry for several days, but away from direct sunlight.

Do you want to paint your rattan or wicker furniture? Repaint preferably on top of the old layer (wood is too fragile for stripping products). Use spray paint rather than spreading with a brush. The result will be even better.

4.      The Other Woods

It is still important to feed your wooden furniture every year (or even twice a year). Then use a “saturator” which nourishes the wood and durably protects its natural appearance. Against splitting and warping of wood, opt for a “stabilizer.” 

Too busy to do the furniture care? Book carpenter in Lahore to get the repairing and polishing of your furniture done at home in a cost-effective way.


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