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How to Choose the Right Wildcard SSL Certificate for Your Website

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A Wildcard SSL Certificate encrypts all your website’s subdomains and assures visitors that their information is safe and secure. Choosing the suitable Wildcard SSL for your website can be tricky, so we’ll provide some tips on finding the best Wildcard SSL in this article. We’ll look at factors you must consider when selecting this Certificate.  

So, let’s get started.

An Overview of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSLs are a specialized type of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates that can secure infinite subdomains under the same domain name. It is invaluable for companies that need to secure many different subdomains, as it eliminates the need to purchase separate certificates for each subdomain.

It offers the same level of encryption & authentication as standard SSL certificates and assures the user’s sensitive information is securely transmitted over an encrypted connection.

Importance of Wildcard SSL Certificate for your Website

Wildcard SSL Certificate is an essential security measure for protecting your website, customers, and data; it allows you to secure multiple subdomains on a single certificate, efficiently managing and scaling as your business grows.

They are especially beneficial for e-commerce websites with many subdomains; they provide the same level of encryption as any other SSL Certificate but with the added benefit of scaling quickly without acquiring multiple certificates for each subdomain. It saves time and money for the business/individual.

Finally, Wildcard SSL Certificates provide customers with a layer of trust and security when they visit your website. It lets customers feel secure knowing their data is safe and protected on your site. It provides peace of mind and encourages customers to return in the future.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wildcard Certificate

There are various factors to consider when selecting a Wildcard Certificate. These include:

  1. Types of Certificates

Different types of Wildcard Certificates are available depending on the type of encryption strength, validation process, and browser compatibility desired. For example, a Wildcard SSL with Organization Validation (OV) provides maximum assurance and encryption strength but requires extensive identity verification before issuance. 

On the other hand, Domain Validation (DV) Wildcard certificates offer limit assurance as they only verify domain ownership but come with minimal paperwork requirements and are issue within minutes to hours after submission.

  1. Price

The price of a wildcard SSL certificate can vary depending on the Certificate Authority (CA), the period you want to purchase, and the level of validation required. They are mainly more expensive than single-domain SSL certificates because they secure unlimited subdomains under the SSL environment. However, they can still be relatively affordable depending on the CA (Comodo, Certera, and Sectigo) and your required features. If you or your organization are concerned about the budget, you can choose Certera Wildcard SSL Certificate, which is way cheaper.

1. Validation Level

When choosing a wildcard SSL certificate, it’s essential to consider the level of validation you need. Generally, there are three levels of validation: domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV). Domain validation only requires you to prove control of the domain name, whereas organization validation requires additional information, such as business registration documents. It does not come with EV SSL. Depending on your needs, make sure to select an SSL certificate with the appropriate level of validation. 

2. Warranty Level

These certificates offer a warranty if a certificate is misused; this provides additional assurance and protection for you and your customers, so it’s essential to consider the warranty level offered with a particular certificate. Generally, higher warranty levels come with more expensive certificates, but the added security may be worth the investment.

3. Security Features

It comes with features such as a 2048-bit key length for increased security, automatic renewal reminders to ensure lapse in coverage does not occur, unlimited server licenses that allow multiple servers to be used at no extra cost, and a warranty from the vendor backing up its product. Additionally, look for a Certificate Authority (CA) that can provide quick and easy issuance of certificates, 24/7 customer support in case of any issue, and flexible pricing models. 

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure the highest degree of security possible by having an SSL certificate with strong encryption and reliable vendor backing.

4. Platform Support

It is essential to understand which operating systems and web servers are support by each Wildcard SSL vendor before your order; additionally, if you need to use an intermediate certificate for your wildcard SSL certificate, ensure that all browsers, OS, and servers also support it.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a suitable wildcard SSL certificate is a critical decision. It requires you to consider the reputation of the provider, encryption strength, and features offered, as well as the cost and installation process. Research your options thoroughly before deciding which is best for your organization’s needs. With careful thought, selecting an appropriate certificate can help protect your business from potential threats and ensure customers that their data is safe.


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