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The Common Types of Cases That Private Investigators Handle

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a private investigator? Private investigators are highly trained and effective problem solvers, often serving as outside eyes for matters that can’t be handled alone. From corporate investigations to fraud allegations and from divorces to missing persons, private detectives have helped provide answers in some of life’s most perplexing situations. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the common types of cases that private investigators routinely handle. We will also look at how they approach their work so you can better understand the process of working with an investigative agency. So take a seat and let’s explore!

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity investigations are a common type of case conducted by private investigators. The purpose of these investigations is to verify that a partner is engaging in an extramarital affair and to provide evidence to the party requesting the investigation. Private investigators have access to advanced investigative skills and technology that are not available to most individuals, allowing them to uncover information quickly and efficiently. 

They will look at elements such as phone records, internet usage, and physical location prior to launching the investigation. In addition, they may also utilize specialized surveillance techniques and informants in order to collect evidence in difficult or complex cases. 

Private investigators can provide accurate results without unnecessarily invading a person’s privacy, offering peace of mind during what can be an emotionally draining situation.

Spousal Cheat

Spousal cheat cases are becoming more and more common due to the modern lifestyle, technology, and other factors. In such cases, a private investigator can be hired when an individual suspects that their spouse is cheating. 

A private investigator can conduct surveillance, find out if assets are being hidden, or investigate communications to prove infidelity. Usually, the evidence found by a private investigator can be used in court proceedings in a divorce case if the couple decides to separate. The evidence collected is also vital for protecting one’s rights and interests in such cases. 

Hiring a highly competent private investigator may help give certainty about the situation and identify if one’s spouse has been unfaithful.

Missing Person Cases

Private investigators are skilled at solving missing person cases. They have developed processes and techniques to uncover any information they can find while respecting privacy and local laws. 

Investigators use their resources to determine the location of the missing person, as well as look into potential suspects associated with the case. Working with police departments, family members, friends and other contacts related to the missing person is often necessary in order to solve a case. 

With years of experience and an understanding of modern investigative tactics, private investigators can often effectively uncover answers quickly, providing peace of mind for those seeking closure.


surveillance is a specialized job best performed by professionals. Private investigators are uniquely qualified to monitor the activities of individuals and properties as they are trained to watch and record without being noticed. 

This is essential in situations where the target of the observation needs to remain unaware that they are being watched. Private investigators use a variety of methods and tools, such as hidden cameras, tracking devices, and specialized software, to track the activities of their subjects in real-time or over an extended period. 

By utilizing these techniques backed up by their own expertise and experience, private investigators can effectively observe subjects to detect any suspicious activities.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigation is a field of private investigations that requires specific skills and experience to successfully uncover fraudulent activity. Private investigators are experts in gathering evidence, analyzing information, and discovering financial discrepancies that may point to the existence of potential fraud. 

They may also be able to recommend preventative measures businesses can take to protect against fraudulent claims or practices. The goal of fraud investigations is to bring the truth to light and allow organizations and individuals to move forward with confidence.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is an interesting technology that many private investigators are utilizing in their practice. This type of analysis involves the extraction of evidence from computers, phones, and other digital devices relevant to a case. Specialized techniques are used to mine data such as recovered emails and text messages, along with image and video content. 

By using computer forensics, investigators can uncover unnoticed clues that they may use to build their investigations while complying with applicable privacy laws. As technology advances, so too must the investigative techniques used by professionals so they can stay one step ahead of criminal activity.

End Note

Private investigators offer a variety of specialized services to meet the needs of their clients. With private investigators taking such an important role in our society today, it is clear that these professional services play a crucial part in helping to create safe and secure communities.


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