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How to choose the right CCTV camera alarm system

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CCTV cameras do more than offer added security. With the technology advancing year after year, you can also count on these cameras to help you grow your business.  

Expect, however, that finding the right choice can take time. There are countless options so to narrow them down effectively, you need to focus on your needs. 

To help you get started, here are some tips for choosing the right CCTV camera alarm system.

  1. Consider your budget, but don’t go for cheap. Cheap doesn’t always guarantee savings. Sometimes, they even turn out to be a lot costlier in the end. The same goes for when you’re comparing CCTV cameras. Decide on a budget and see if you’re able to stretch it some more. Then, check which alarm systems fit right up. If you want something more but can’t afford it at the moment, see which features you can forego. By customising with the installer, you can devise a system that works with your budget without compromising function.
  1. Think about the installation area. What type of environment will the cameras be exposed to? Like any other gadget or device, cameras also need protection against external elements that can compromise them. For example, if you need to install it in an outdoor public space that receives high foot traffic daily, then the camera has to be able to withstand noise, pressure, vibration, and the changing weather. You need your cameras to be built and installed in a way that ensures durability and longevity despite environmental conditions. 
  1. Check the camera features. How large is the area that you want your  CCTV camera alarm system to cover? Will the cameras be enough to get you the footage that you need? Before deciding which one to install, understand their capabilities first. What is the camera’s lens size and data storage capacity? How clear are the images that they can capture? Will zooming in distort the quality of the images? It’s likely for the cost to increase, the better the features of the camera. Ask the supplier or installer if they’re offering promos or packages. 
  1. Clarify camera type. Internet Protocol (IP) cameras can deliver better-quality images and videos through the internet. They also allow you to monitor your business even when you’re at home or traveling. Ask about them when comparing options and quotes. While you can have something cheaper, that may mean limiting yourself to low-resolution images and videos, which may be less than what you need.
  1. Ask about scalability. See if the camera system can also grow with your business.  Can features be upgraded should you find the need in the future? Request professionals to assess the area where you’re looking to install the CCTVs. Ask their recommendations as well as the estimated costs for installation and maintenance.

Before you commit to a  CCTV camera alarm system, you want to be sure it meets all your requirements – from features, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as prices. Gather advice from industry experts and your staff before making your final decision. 


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