6 Different Ways to Use Toner For Daily Skin Hydration

Daily Skin Hydration

If you have ever heard about toner, you must have thought about its use or if it is necessary for your skin. To state the fact, toners are those products without which, no skincare routine can be completed. Yet, many beauties don’t include it in their skincare kit and later complain about having millions of skin issues including those annoying acne, uninvited pimples, oil and ingrown hair. Toner is a must for every skin type but for oily skin, it can be a holy grail. It helps in controlling oil, preventing pimples, reducing ingrown hair, tightening skin pores and the list goes on.

When it comes to applying toner, most of you follow the traditional approach of taking the product into a cotton pad and swapping it all over your face before moisturizing it. Isn’t it? Well, there is nothing wrong with it, but there are many other ways to use a toner. In this article, we will discuss 6 amazing ways to use toner to get its best benefits. Let’s dig in!

Toners help in achieving clean, clear and problem-free skin.

6 ways to Include Toner in Your Skincare Routine

Before moving on to the creative ways of using a toner, let’s first discuss how it helps your skin. Here are the biggest benefits of using a good quality toner :

  • Controls oil
  • Shrinks pore
  • Restore skin’s pH
  • Adds a protective layer
  • Works as a gentle exfoliator
  • Freshen up the skin
  • Prevent acne and pimple
  • Treats ingrown hair
  • Bind moisture to the skin

Now that you know how amazingly toners work on our skin, it’s time to take a look into different ways of using them.

Below are some ways in which you can use your toners:

1.  As Traditional CTM Routine

Starting with the most traditional way of using toners, include them in your daily CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) ritual. All you need to do is find a good quality, chemical-free toner and use it twice after washing your face with a mild cleanser. It will not only remove excess dirt and germs from your face but will also keep you fresh and light throughout the day.

2.  As A One-Step Morning Skincare

Another good way of using toners is using them as a one-step morning routine. As soon as you wake up and wash your face, spritz some toner and leave your skin as it is for some time. This will help your skin to breathe and retain the right amount of moisture. Rose and aloe vera based toners work great for this method.

3.  For Layering

If you’re into skincare, then you are probably familiar with the hype behind 7-step Korean skincare which involves using a number of serums, masks, oils and other products. But the problem with Korean skincare is, it’s quite expensive. But don’t worry, you can achieve the same results using toner. Simply apply 2-3 layers of water-based toner and let it dry before applying a generous layer of your favourite moisturizer.

4.  As A Face Mist

Everyone agrees on the fact that face mists are no less than a boon on hot sunny and humid days. They instantly freshen up your skin and uplift your mood. The best part is, you can use them anytime, anywhere. Here is the fun part, you can use your toner as a face mist, provided that it is organic, natural and free from alcohol. Also, it works for all skin types, so use it without having any second thoughts.

5.  As A Face Mask

DIY face masks are the saviours. If you love using homemade face masks, then use your toner for a good cause. Didn’t get it? Instead of water, you can add toner for making the face mask. Here is a quick recipe: Mix together 1 tbsp of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, some honey and enough toner to make a thick paste. Apply it evenly on your face and neck for about 10 minutes and wash it off. You can use this mask one or two times every week.

6.  As Makeup Setting Spray

Last but not the least, some toners work great as makeup fixers. If you don’t already know, makeup setting sprays are loaded with alcohol and chemical preservatives, using them on a daily basis can damage your delicate skin. So, instead of using them, you can use a toner spray for setting your everyday makeup.

And there you have it!!

These are some of the great ways to include toner in your daily skincare routine. However, this is not applicable to all the toners available in the market. Know that toners are also loaded with alcohol and chemical preservatives. Hence, choose the ones that are natural, safe and chemical-free. To make your search a little bit easier, here is a great collection of premium quality organic toners for you to check out: https://juicychemistry.com/collections/toners.

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