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How to Choose a Helicopter Tour Company for Beginners

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There is nothing quite like seeing a beautiful city or place from the seat of a helicopter. A helicopter tour company offers you a new way of seeing a familiar sight, from high in the air. Places like the Grand Canyon aren’t fully appreciated in their size and grandeur until they’re viewed from above.

Before you begin taking tours on helicopters, there is a lot that you need to do. You need to start by preparing for helicopter rides by ensuring that the right helicopter safety equipment is present and by reading online reviews about the helicopter tour company. There are other steps you should take, like comparing tour prices when it comes to the best tours on helicopters.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to gain all of the knowledge needed to find the best helicopter tour company. Keep reading to learn about how to make your next helicopter tour a breeze.

A Helicopter Tour Company Will Make Your Trip Memorable

So you’ve decided on a destination for your next family vacation and planned a lot of the things you’d like to do. Why not consider a helicopter tour of that area? Helicopter tours are great because they give you a birds-eye view of some of the most stunning and beautiful places in the world.

While a trip to the Grand Canyon or the islands of Hawaii is incredible and memorable in its own right, a helicopter tour will take that trip from being fun to being unforgettable.

Imagine flying over the Grand Canyon as the first rays of sunlight break over the horizon of the Earth. Now imagine experiencing that same beautiful sight but from a thousand feet above the ground. 

The lush, tropical islands of Hawaii offer the same dramatic opportunity for views that aren’t available any other way. Whisk over the green mountains and next to the stunning waterfalls that dot the islands of Hawaii. 

Once you’ve taken the steps to determine where your next vacation is going to be, make sure to look into the tours on helicopters in those areas. Be sure to read the online reviews to get an idea of who offers the best experience. You should also do your due diligence in ensuring that the necessary helicopter safety equipment is provided.

Look Into Safety

It is important to know that there are safety risks that come into play when taking a helicopter tour. Accidents and incidents don’t happen often, but they do happen. It is important for the safety of you and your family that you look into the safety rating of each helicopter tour company you consider booking a tour with.

One of the telling signs of a safe helicopter tour company is if they’ve garnered the FAA Part 135 Air Carrier designation, like the tours at Ultimate-helitours.com. These companies are subject to a higher standard of safety compared to other helicopter tour companies. 

A great way to check out if a helicopter tour company has that certificate is by exploring their website. If it is not displayed on their website then it is likely that they don’t have a high safety rating. If you’re unsure if they have the certificate it is a good idea that you call their phone number and ask them directly.

You should also take steps to look on the National Transportation Safety Board website and look up the helicopter tour company that you’re considering hiring. You can even take your research a step forward by searching through the Federal Aviation Administration’s records of safety and accidents for that company. 

One other step that you need to take is to look into the experience level of the helicopter pilot that will be operating the helicopter during your tour. If the pilot doesn’t have several years of experience operating a helicopter then you should not book a tour with that helicopter tour company.

Ask About Seating

Another important aspect of doing your research when it comes to helicopter tours is to ask about the seating arrangement aboard the helicopter. Most tour company helicopters have seating arrangements that will fit six guests and the pilot. The normal arrangement is two guests in the front of the aircraft and four guests in the rear of the helicopter.

It is possible that you’ll end up with one of the two middle seats in the rear of the helicopter. These seats will not provide as good of views as the other seats inside of the aircraft. This could diminish your experience on your helicopter tour. A good strategy is to book your tour early. That way, you can request a window seat so that you’ll get all of the best views.

You also need to consider that the tour company might not be able to promise certain seats. Helicopters are smaller aircraft and for safety reasons, the company might need to balance the craft based on the weight of the occupants. The best way to give yourself a chance at a window seat is to book early and request one.

You should also consider that some helicopter tour companies will allow you to pay an extra amount of money for a guarantee of getting a window seat.

Look Online for Best Pricing

The last thing you need to consider when trying to find the best helicopter tour company is the pricing. The best way to get good pricing on your helicopter tour is to shop around online. Most helicopter tour companies offer a discount if you book your tour directly through their website online.

You should also look for promotional rates or discounts, especially if you’re visiting during a time where it isn’t peak tourism season.

Book Your Helicopter Tour Today

Summer is in full swing, which means that more people are visiting beautiful destinations like the Grand Canyon than at any other time of the year. It is important that you contact your helicopter tour company of choice early to guarantee to get the best seats on the craft.

You should also read online reviews to ensure a great experience, and verify that the helicopter tour company is certified. Safety is vital when booking helicopter tours.

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