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How to Build Your Brand with Custom Printed Pillow Boxes?

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Very few companies offer packaging that remains persistent through the years. Most new startups offer unique features but do not maintain their packaging over a certain period. Pillow boxes are low-maintenance but highly effective branding tools that can push your brand recognition to new heights.

Sustaining is more important than launching the brand exclusively. For this, you have to be in sync with the latest trends. Pillow shapes are dominating small and medium-sized products lately. Their creative styling makes them stand out with ease. Market domination is not an easy feat but not with pillow packaging. The tucked ends allow for safe transit and better conditioning of products. Something that is missing in most packaging containers.

There is a 5-step rule that can elevate the way your brand is seen by potential clients through these boxes.

Rule 1: Measure to perfection

The most common error that businesses incur is that they don’t pay much attention to the dimensions of the boxes. Pillow shapes are crafty in the sense that they can be molded in any size. Small to medium-sized products can easily be fitted in these boxes and look charming. The secret is to measure the products with precision so the boxes can be constructed accordingly. This is important because:

  • Well-suited boxes ensure the safe arrival of the products at retail stores.
  • Reduces complaints and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Allow the users to utilize the products in the true form and be enticed to buy more.
  • Eliminates the need for excessive box materials and brings down total costs.

All these are crucial elements to build a strong brand image that can take the branding to an expanded number of customers. When the viewers see your brand logo embossed on the boxes, they will retain it for longer.

Rule 2: Resist over-doing

When businesses set to customize the boxes, most of them go overboard with their creativity. The rule to get the maximum amount of attention is by offering customers something unique yet understandable. Too many graphics or texts can confuse. The best way is to minimize the illustrations and keep the info to the point.

The pillow shapes are constructive in saving materials and so do not contain as much space. You must use the available area on the branded boxes by only including features that grab attention. These could be:

  • Stating your brand name in engrossing writing.
  • Offering a good insight into the products with relevant details and illustrations at the back.
  • Include bar codes so you won’t have to print all the info on the boxes.
  • Maintain consistency in branding i.e., all your marketing material must look aligned.
  • Print contact info and brand’s origin.
  • State that the boxes contain a certain type of product. This helps in handling.

Sticking to the prime info can help to utilize the box space effectively and entice buyers to try your products. The limited space can work wonders because of the Custom pillow boxes design that grabs the interest of shoppers.

Pillow boxes

Rule 3: Never forget to add relevance

Why do you think some brands sell more than others? It might be due to the quality of the product they offer to some extent. But mostly because of the value they offer. Buyers buy products that give more than they cost. The packaging is apt for the products and is engaging.

Your half battle can be won by the pillow-shaped packaging and the other half can be achieved by making the boxes relevant to customer needs. These comprise:

  1. Compliance with climate conservation – buyers are carbon emission conscious and want to contribute to saving the planet. The materials used in making these boxes adhere to this requirement. They can be recycled and reused, making them an apt choice for customers.
  2. Mention that the buyers can claim a refund or exchange in case the products are damaged. Stating this on the boxes can help win customer loyalty.
  3. Inform the buyers of the uses of your products. This makes for a quick read and convinces shoppers to go for your products faster.
  4. Illustrate the nature of the products through relevant colors. They impart a favorable aura to clients and help them establish the demand for your products.

Rule 4: linger longer than rivals

The basic reason why some brands are spotted easily is that their image is imprinted on our minds. Most beverage companies and makeup brands cash in on this strategy. Your brand image is the most crucial factor that defines your sales numbers.

Your marketing campaigns ascertain the brand identity but it is the boxes that appeal more strongly to shippers. They are capable of:

  • Engaging customers deeply.
  • Encouraging impulsive buying.
  • Promoting brand recognition by being on the store shelves at all times.
  • Capturing attention immediately and enabling customers to take the boxes everywhere they go.

Your brand can convert the boxes into portable advertising billboards. This can reduce your efforts that help boost the brand identity at the same time. Rival brands can be competed with more effective boxes. Your company can be known amongst reliable and premium brands that offer good returns to customers in terms of product value. With these boxes, you will not need more marketing gadgets to announce your brand ethos.

Rule 5: Manage your finances better

Revenues help boost profits when your costs are controlled. The pillow shapes take fewer materials and thus can be obtained at lower rates. Also, when you receive less refund claims, your total costs would come down automatically. The boxes deliver as promised and help to curb extra spending by:

  • Measuring to size and curbing the need for extra space and paper stock.
  • Improve efficiency through less damaged products and replacement costs.
  • Infuse less labor time and effort for packaging.


Pillow boxes are your ultimate packaging solution when employed within the stated guidelines. You can make the most of your finances and yet make a durable impact.


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