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How is artificial intelligence an ultimate panacea for a smart industrial ecosystem in the future?

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In the present times, businesses are heavily dependent upon artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has carved a unique niche for business intelligence in the digital market. Despite the exponential growth that the artificial intelligence-driven industry has witnessed due to business analytics courses, this sector remains largely under-saturated. The reason is the enormous scope of this technology for the business world in general and the entrepreneurs in particular.

In this article, we examine the various facets of smart industries driven by artificial intelligence. We start with the recent advances made by artificial intelligence in the domains of security and cyberspace. We examine the relevance of AI technology to home management systems. So we proceed towards marketing and workflow automation and the advances made by artificial intelligence in learning systems. We provide an overview of the AI-based healthcare industry and finally sketch a future roadmap.

The strengthening of security and cyberspace

Security and cyberspace are some of the most prosperous fields for AI-based startups to invest in. This is because an additional layer of security boosts investor confidence in digital business and keeps away hackers, thereby preserving sensitive information. Even the slightest data breach can lead to huge losses for a business that conducts its operations in the digital domain. We can expect a thriving IT industry only when the underlying infrastructure is fully secured. When it comes to devising new ways and means to secure IT infrastructure, the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques is overwhelming. This is because the power of machine learning algorithms can be appropriately harnessed to secure hyper-converged infrastructures. Detection of anomalies in application nodes can be done easily with the help of machine learning techniques.

Smart home management systems

Smart home management systems that are powered by artificial intelligence are becoming extremely popular. So, the idea to conceive startups that can automate home management systems with the help of artificial intelligence is a prospective investment opportunity. The main objective of a home management system that is digitally driven is to control various devices in a smart home even from remote locations. The monitoring of homes and immunity from theft can be achieved with the help of smart home management systems. The financial viability of such smart systems is very lucrative because digital lifestyles are slowly eroding the traditional way of living.

Marketing startups artificial intelligence

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges for any prospective startup in the present time. With the help of artificial intelligence systems, we can assess market trends and redirect our marketing strategies. Using workflow automation and analytics,  the process of marketing can be effectively channelized. Targeted marketing campaigns can be directed towards potential clients and significant returns on investment can be generated. With the help of customer personalization, customer recommendation, and improved product catalogs, the marketing strategies can be given a unique direction. The dynamics of market behavior can be predicted with the help of artificial intelligence applications. This can help in zeroing in on specific sectors for precise marketing.

Automating workflow with artificial intelligence

Most of the companies that are working in the digital industry are still dependent upon manual workflow. As such, the productivity of such companies gets affected as they shun away from automation. Automation can not only improve the management of business processes but can also aid in the decision-making process of an organization. Investment in AI startups that aim to automate business process management is a very prospective venture. One of the first steps for aspiring startups in this field can be to design a catalog that has several pathways for achieving a common task. Depending upon its requirements and scope of operations, a startup can consult this catalog and optimize its overflow.

Education and Healthcare

The e-learning based startups and digital healthcare systems have gained extreme popularity in the present pandemic. The promise of personalized learning in a professional environment attracts a wide digital audience. On the other hand, the power of digital systems can be leveraged for early diagnosis so that hospitalization is avoided. Hence, startups in the sectors of education and healthcare are both profitable and prospective in the present digital environment.

Concluding remarks

Startups in the present time aim to develop AI-engineered products that can enhance the lifespan and improve the living standards of human beings. Some research-based startups are also targeting the social sector for bringing a change at the grassroots in this regard.


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