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How Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets Are Different From Vertical Types?

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Does your workspace need a particulate-free work environment? These are the basic requirements for any lab setting where toxin substances have to be tested. Even if your workspace requires testing toxin samples you still need to maintain safety. This is important so the air you breathe does not get contaminated with the sample toxins. For a safe work atmosphere, you can make use of the laminar flow hoods.

Hoods are simply types of cabinets. They are completely enclosed and protected. The internal temperature of the hoods can be maintained. The cabinets are designed not to pollute the outdoor environments. So the particles and the pollutants are not circulated in the room.

The quality horizontal laminar flow cabinet will circulate the air inside the cabinet only after the air is passed through the HEPA filter system. Both horizontal type and vertical type cabinets are designed to eliminate the chances of toxin widespread.

This will also eliminate the chances of contamination. The airflow that is maintained by the cabinet units is consistent. This means that the airflow in each corner of the cabinet will be even. The airflow is well maintained along the fixed air stream.

If the unit is horizontal type then the stream airflow might be along the horizontal direction. The vertical type of laminar flow cabinet will maintain the airflow along the vertical axis.


The two types – horizontal and vertical are not different from each other when comparing the work features. They will still be used to eliminate contamination within the work environment. The next similarity between the two is that they will only maintain a fixed direction for the airflow.

The horizontal type will work the same way as the vertical type. The speed of airflow is also maintained the same. You may not find that the two work differently. They are also designed to eliminate the swirls of air as the speed of the airflow is constant.

The turbulence factor

How much of the turbulence does the workplace need to maintain? This is one of the most important factors you should consider. The horizontal type of flow cabinets is an ideal choice if the workplace needs to maintain less turbulence.

As compared to the vertical type cabinets, the horizontal ones will still produce less turbulence. This means that when you are using the horizontal type the airflow will not directly come in contact with any obstructions.

Even airflow

The vertical types are still a bit different as compared to the horizontal type cabinet flow hoods. The difference is in the airflow distribution. The vertical type may in few cases have an uneven distribution of the airflow at the bottom of the hood cabinet.

So if you need to maintain the work environment without distractions then you need to install the horizontal types.

Utensil size

The horizontal type of flow hood cabinet is designed to make use of only small utensils to avoid airflow distractions. The vertical type will often have a high air-circulation area so bigger utensils can be used in the cabinet.

To avoid turbulence inside the flow hood cabinet small utensil is the most ideal choice. If you need to maintain consistent airflow then you can install a horizontal laminar flow cabinet in the lab.

Best for contamination control

The horizontal laminar cabinets are designed to control contamination. The airflow is also more consistent as compared to the vertical type cabinets. The working staff will be more comfortable using the gloves when working as these are provided on the lower shelf.

The vertical types may need to work in the workstation that has a big lower base area. So gloves cannot be used in the entire cabinet. If you need a bigger work area then you should opt for vertical cabinets.

The horizontal types are ideal if you only have to test a small number of samples. If you want to 

regulate the contamination, then the horizontal workbenches are the best.

Reduces fumes

The horizontal type of workbench cabinets is designed to reduce the fume toxicity levels within the enclosed area. This means that you can easily use the cabinets if you have to test a substance that can produce fumes.

The most common use of Laminar Flow Hoods is done to test any substance that is non-toxic type. The fumes that the substance will not produce a bad smell that is difficult to tolerate. Depending on the work area requirements you may have to select the vertical or horizontal type. If you need a wider work area then horizontal type should be your preferred choice.


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