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How Fashion Repeats Itself & Fashion Designer Plays an Important Role

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Just like human civilization, fashion has Fashion Designer origins set in ancient history, that too with a mix of cultural, regional, and historical influences from across the world. The fashion taste repeats itself in a decade or two, further bringing twists in the most advanced fashion trends. Freedom and fashion come hand in hand; fashion has played an essential role during freedom struggles and wars from the Victorian era to the modern era. In addition, the style has successfully changed the dynamics of women’s societal position. Indian buyers tend to follow the newest fashion trends and embrace modernity. However, they never let go of the essence of their indigenous fashion. People began to shift from traditional dresses to different Indo-western attires. Everyone witnessed this change with the transformation in culture, personalities, and thinking people. 

Fashion Keeps Coming Back

Fashion, with time, has changed drastically, but somehow fashion keeps finding a way to return itself. In the past decades, seemingly outdated fashion has seen its route back into style. As a result, most of the clothes we wear today are versions of what people used to wear. Designers concluded that since these trends were popular at one point, they have a high chance of growing popular again. So, roughly every twenty years, we observe a resurgence of a fashion trend that was once thought to have faded. Many fashion designers bring back old trends because they became inspired by the clothing of a particular time. Designers also tend to produce clothing similar to what they watched on TV or in movies when they were younger. A true designer esteems the general population’s opinions and designs apparel as indicated by their preferences. Different qualities are related to fashion in various cultures, and designers need to consolidate them in their plans. 

Importance of a Fashion Designer

Take the example of Coco Chanel. Her designs include pieces that will always stay in style because of the timeless construction. In addition, Chanel designed attire that is noted for its feminine but classy style. People will continue to wear Chanel’s clothing for years because it is not defined by one specific period; it looks modern and professional, coupled with style and sophistication. As fashion is the art of creative aspects, fashion designing is one of this generation’s most glamorous, intriguing and astonishing career options. 

However, more than the passion for designing clothes is needed for a great designer, as competition is fierce. One needs the proper guidance, expertise and experience to become a successful fashion designer, as your skills can be polished with the appropriate training. The pleasantest part about fashion design is that it is not restricted to just clothes. It also comprises accessories, jewelry, shoes, and so much more. 

The Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) offers the best fashion design courses in India. IIAD provides an experiential learning-based curriculum that helps students learn and grow as professionals through a series of fashion assignments and collaborative work. Students at IIAD are presented with industry professionals who visit the institute to interact and network with everyone. IIAD scholars have an outstanding record of being placed with business giants such as Ogilvy and Mather, Levi’s, Mad Design, etc. Pursuing a comprehensive course at a fashion design college will significantly enable students to collaboratively understand the fashion industry’s working – fashion design history, clothing textiles, sketching and drawing outfits, fashion events, running a fashion house, etc.


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