How Do I Prevent Bug Bites While Out Hiking in the Woods?

Are you an avid hiker who loves the outdoors but hates getting bit by bugs? Bug bites can pose several potential health issues. You never know when a bug might be dangerous.

It’s important to protect yourself and prevent bug bites while on your hikes. Keep reading to learn how to keep your hikes bug-free!

Wear the Right Clothing

Proper clothing is a great way to keep your body covered and protected. You may want to wear a short-sleeve shirt and shorts but keep in mind, the more skin you have exposed, the more skin there is for bugs to bite.

It will definitely be better to wear clothing that covers up more skin. This means wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants. If you’re hiking in hotter weather, try wearing lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing.

This will allow you to keep your body covered but also stay cool. Also, wearing a hat, such as a mosquito hat, can keep bugs out of your face. Sunglasses can also help keep them out of your eyes if they decide to swarm around you.

Wearing a light loose layer like a windbreaker is another smart hiker tip to keep your body protected while not overheating yourself if it’s hot outside.

You can wear a bandana or a hiking buff to keep the sun off your skin and protect your neck from bugs. Wearing a buff or bandana around your neck is also great for soaking up sweat and keeping you cool.

Light-colored clothing is also helpful for repelling mosquitos. So try wearing clothes that neutral or lighter colors. 

Wear Bug Repellant

This is an obvious essential for protecting your skin from bugs while enjoying the Great Outdoors. Bug repellants like mosquito repellants use chemicals to cloak your body’s natural chemicals that attract bugs.

It’s important that whatever spray you use is safe for your skin. You should reapply frequently while outdoors to keep you protected at all times. 

Bug repellant will protect your skin from potentially poisonous bug bites. Always take caution when it comes to bugs you are not familiar with, especially those with mandibles and stingers.

A giant water bug bite, for example, can be very dangerous and pose a serious risk. So remain vigilant on the trail and stay safe.

Use Natural Remedies

Along with bug repellant, there are other solutions you can use that are all-natural. These may not be as effective as traditional bug spray but they can still help repel those pesky insects.

Popular natural repellants that are recommended include citronella, catnip oil, and lemon eucalyptus oil.

Avoid Hiking at Dawn and Dusk

Anyone in the hiking community will tell that┬áhiking in the dark is usually never a good idea. And while dusk and dawn can be a beautiful time to be outdoors, it’s also when all the bugs are usually out.

So if you plan on going in the woods, try to keep yourself covered under a tent until the sun comes out. Mosquitos prefer dark, damp places so staying in dry, sunny areas while hiking is definitely recommended.

Prevent Bug Bites and Enjoy Your Hike

Going hiking is a great way to reconnect with nature. One of the best ways to enjoy hiking is to prevent bug bites. So before you set out on your next trip, try using these tips to keep your body protected and to ensure a good time on the trails.

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