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Here’s Why a Jacket with a Fur Hood Makes a Difference

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Have you ever seen the classic image of a circumpolar native wearing a natural fur or skin coat, arrayed with a fur lined hood? It’s the same as the classic image of the parka, and that’s actually in some way the inspiration for the modern parka. It’s not a parka unless it has a fur hood, and even into the modern age, stuffed with synthetic down and fibers, the aesthetic touch of a fur hood has not been abandoned.

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There is a very good reason for this. Notwithstanding the fashion sense of designers, there is an undeniable functional aspect of a fur hood that has given it the ability to transcend time. That is to say, even if it didn’t look as classy as it does, it would still be worth designing – and wearing – coats and jackets with fur hood.

Here’s how it all works. When you pull up a normal hood that is not lined or ringed with fur, the idea is to trap some of the warm air produced by your body and lost by your head. Without a hood trim, there is a tradeoff. Warm air will be trapped, but the hood will do little to nothing to stop cold air from entering.

You see, when a jacket or a coat has a fur hood, the lining around the outside of the hood actually keeps cold air from entering the jacket, even in the presence of moving air. For whatever reason (attributable, probably, to fluid dynamics) the fur lining around the hood creates a vortex that makes it difficult for air to enter the open space from the outside.

Instead of allowing cold air to enter the hood, it is pushed outside and away to the back of the hood. As a result, the warm air from your head and body remain within the open space within the hood, keeping you warm and comfortable. Overall, it helps minimize heat loss and keeps you more comfortable in the cold, even when the temperatures plummet.

As you can see, the classic image of an eskimo with a fur hood on their parka is justified, and the purpose of such fashion is not merely cosmetic. It is rooted in practicality, practicality that has bled through the years and suffused the fashion of the modern day.

Something else that has remained in some corners of the market is a commitment to using the finest quality materials available to designers. Still, even in this modern era, natural materials like fur and wool are the superior option when it comes to durability and insulation. Few materials even come close, and when a fur jacket is properly cared for, it will last for many, many years.

You can still buy a genuine fur coat with a fur lined hood, especially when you shop with a reputable furrier like Maximilian at Maximilian.com. Maximilian may be familiar to some of you as the name of the furs that were once carried by Bloomingdales. Today, at Maximilian.com, you can peruse the same classic furs online.

Maximilian.com carries a wide range of fur coats, jackets and accessories, including garments with genuine fur hoods. In addition, they offer a plethora of specialized, professional services for fur cleaning, conditioning and storage. To learn more about their present fashion and offerings, please visit Maximilian.com or get in touch with their customer service team.

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