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Healthy Pancake Recipes to Spruce Up Your Breakfast

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Deciding what you want for breakfast is probably one of the most complicated decisions you will have to make. But, one universal breakfast item that stands through the test of time is pancakes. It is delicious, healthy, and customizable.

From unique options like strawberry cheesecake pancakes to simpler banana oatmeal pancakes, the options are diverse and never-ending. So, with the right recipes with you, it is time to ditch the confusion and whip up a healthy breakfast each morning.

To give you a better rundown of the available options, we have sorted out some of the best healthy pancake recipes that you can try.

Oatmeal banana pancakes

To be fair, when it comes to talking about healthy pancakes that are gluten-free and have a lot of fiber, oatmeal banana pancakes pretty much make up for the best option to look into. 

You can naturally sweeten the pancakes with bananas and even jaggery, meaning that you won’t have to worry about eating refined sugar right at breakfast. Also, what’s great is that the pancake is gluten-free since you are replacing the standard flour with oats or oat flour.

Whole wheat blueberry pancakes

Next on the list of amazing pancakes worth trying is the whole wheat blueberry pancakes. Since it’s made using wheat flour, you have the upper hand of cutting down on the simple and refined carbs, that often come with all-purpose flour. 

Also, whole wheat flour alongside blueberries adds a lot of fiber and antioxidants to the pancakes, making it an even healthier choice to indulge in. You can pair the pancake with some yogurt and honey for a whole experience.

Sweet potato protein pancakes

This might be a little offbeat from the list of other pancakes but sweet potato protein pancakes tick off all the basic nutritional requirements in the morning. You get the natural sweetness from the sweet potato and the protein powder often works as a flour replacement and fulfills your protein requirements for the day. 

Also, what’s great is that it’s customizable. The taste of the pancake will change based on the flavor of the protein powder you are using.

Spinach and feta savory pancakes

If you aren’t particularly fond of sweet treats in the morning and want something savory to get you by, the spinach and feta savory pancakes make a great start to your morning. You will need to use some kind of flour, preferably oat or whole wheat flour to bind everything together and make a pancake mixture. 

Into that, you can add spinach and feta for some extra protein, fiber, and nutrients, making the pancake taste delectable too.

Eating pancakes for your breakfast is quite an amazing and fulfilling item. So, if you are on the hunt for a good pancake recipe that’s tasty yet healthy, we are pretty sure these fulfill your basic requirements. You always have the upper hand to choose what you will make based on what’s available at home, so it’s always fun to switch things up each morning.


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