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Great Plastic Cup Designs

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Our plastic cups are very robust and therefore ideally suited for various types of drinks: from milkshakes to alcoholic drinks, our plastic cups are suitable for all drinks. The great thing about the plastic cups is that they are transparent – this allows your customers to see their delicious drink even if you have your design printed on the cup.

We have helped many different companies print plastic cups over the course of 2020. It can be difficult to find your way around the design jungle. We are aware of this and have therefore selected 12 different designs of plastic cups that represent different styles and design approaches.

We have divided the designs into three different categories: designs with a single color print, multi-colored plastic cup designs, and finally plastic cup designs with different elements. The reason for the division between single-colored and multi-colored plastic cups is related to the manufacturing process. We use two different manufacturers, one of which prints in one color and the other in multiple colors in custom packaging for small business.

Standard designs with single color printing

Make the most of your plastic cups with logo with our standard cups with monochrome printing( also used in custom cardboard boxes). This plastic cup is the most popular cup among our customers. This is due to the small order quantity from 1,000 pieces but also to the low price. The price increases with each additional printing color.

Some of the designs below (which I’ll show you in a moment) were made in a single color print, while other designs were converted to multiple color prints. I like the minimalist design of only using one color and especially a dark color as it almost looks like the design is right above the drink.

When we convert one or more colors, i.e. reduce the number of printing colors, we convert the design to your main color. When limiting the printing colors, our designers often swap a color with a transparent background so that the area remains transparent. I also think this approach often looks best than using lots of bright colors.

Design with a multi-colored print

If you want to be a little more creative in the design process, you can have the design done with multiple colors. The designs that I’m going to show you in this section are logos that have been printed in different colors, colors that are tight, and even printed on top of each other.

The following plastic cup examples are only printed with a multicolored design. Often lighter colors are also used here. Some of the pictures we have taken show how you can use this design opportunity to your advantage.

Design with illustrative printing

Using geometric shapes and elements in your design is a great way to draw attention to your plastic cups. The following section is not only about showing designs that use geometric shapes, but some of the designs also use elements like drinks, dogs, or burgers in the design. With this in mind, there are endless design options! Using elements in your designs can be very beneficial and add an extra touch to the design – it’s especially good if it doesn’t cover the entire print area. So customers can see the drink they are looking forward to. We recommend printed elements in the design (if the company you work with allows it). A classic win-win situation as it is both functional and eye-catching.

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