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Getting Unblocked Games

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Sometimes you’ve finished all your work and you’re bored, or you’re just stuck in school after hours with nothing to do. So you try and look for some games to play, but they’re blocked by your institution. Well, we’re here to help you find some unblocked and hidden places on the internet to play games in peace!

Google Doodle

You could easily get a Doodle extension for your browser, especially if you’re using Google Chrome. The extension is easier access for Google Chrome users or those who get bored easily. There are all sorts of genres available for you to choose from as well, so you’re bound to find something you enjoy playing.

Either that or you just type in ‘Google Doodle’ into your search bar and it’ll pop up. You can play any game showcased there for free on your browser. No downloads or anything specific is needed.

Bored Button

It’s a red button. You press it because you’re bored. It then takes you to a randomized site filled with all sorts of interactive and occasionally personalized games. It does ask you to fill in some questions beforehand to make the experience more personalized though so if you’re not comfortable with that you can just skip this.

Once you get tired of a game, or if it’s just not interesting enough for you, click on the red button and it’ll take you to another game. You can keep doing this until you’re satisfied with what pops up.

Google’s Dinosaur Game

We’re all aware of the dinosaur game that pops up whenever an internet connection is unavailable, right? Well, have you ever thought about how to beat it? Perhaps now is a good time to try! It’s definitely a challenging game that will take forever for you to beat, and you’ve got time to kill, so why not?

Apparently, the highest score and furthest you can get is an apocalyptic setting which is in hyper speed with all sorts of things to dodge and jump over. Good luck staying alive, dino!


A hidden Google game, you can easily play this arcade game for free from your browser. Just search up ‘Pac-Man’ in your search bar and it’ll pop up. You can press play and it’ll take you to another tab where you can just play the retro game. 

Controlling the yellow menace as he eats his way through the game while avoiding the ghosts that chase him around will forever be an intense experience. It doesn’t matter what age you are, Pac-Man hardly gets boring!

Text Adventure

If you’re one of those people who enjoy text-based games or reading adventures, then perhaps this is the one for you. Everything on this list so far has been on the visual side, with all sorts of fun colours and animation. Yet sometimes we crave something graphically simple – Text Adventure is a great choice.

In order to access Text Adventure, type it in your search bar. Right-click your browser and press Ctrl+Shift+J, a browser console will open up. Type in ‘yes’ and press enter to start the game. Instructions will appear for you to understand the game and the rest is history! You can also just press the first link that pops up when you search for the game and it will lead you to it.

Unblocked Games Pod

If you’re looking for a lot of games to play at once with all sorts of genres, there are sites like Unblocked Games Pod that provide a whole lot of HTML5 and Flash games for you to try out. It is a little outdated as most people don’t have Flash anymore but it’s worth a shot if you’re bored.

Do be warned that these sorts of sites may contain harmful viruses so proceed with caution, and if you feel uneasy just skip it.

To Conclude

These are just some of the many games and sites you could use to access games without being blocked by any firewall or your institution. Hopefully, you have a ton of fun with these games and if you feel like looking for more games, getting the Google Play Gift Card from OffGamers right here might help!

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