Follicular Unit Excision hair transplant pros and cons


The follicular unit excision hair transplant pros and cons everybody wants to know. This technique is becoming highly popular as baldness treatment. This method uses tiny instrument for the removal of viable grafts. Many different punch forms are designed to adapt the diversity of skin and follicle characteristics, resulting in surgeons which require a range of pointers to suit a wide range of patients, which is overwhelming for beginners to choose an optimal punch to suit their specific skin characteristics. We explain a new multifunctional circle punch that may be utilized on patients with a range of skin, fell, rashes, and long hair FUE features.


The FUT and FUE procedures include hybrid hair transplantation. On the same day, an ancient technique called a strip and FUE is carried out jointly. It is aimed at maximizing grafting in the donor location. More than 5 or 6 thousand grafts can be expected in a single day and the minimal heart rate can be reached in the donor zone. As a result of reduced access to grafts in the donor area and a further reduction in diameter in the odds of 5000 to 6000 grafts in Asians, it is rather unusual to receive five to six thousand grafts. Although many clinics are commercialized in Pakistan such as a combo or a hybrid hair transplant, such clinics use this as a marketing technique.


The method is straightforward and similar to FUT and FUE. The follicles are extracted with the hybrid FUE procedure one by one. The procedure might take a few minutes. The entire operation may depend on a practitioner’s skills. Only the follicles that appear to survive long are removed. Although more complex, the same stages will be carried out for the Hybrid FUE procedure.

During the follicular unit excision hair transplant, follicles will be restored and then minor incisions in the inserted regions will be created by the normal fell growth pattern. The follicles are placed on the treated region one by one for the whole recipient. Others such as watching TV or Netflix throughout the process can be used by a candidate. The process of healing is swift. The length of the process will depend on the requirements of the patient.

Need Hybrid Hair Transplant

You will probably be interested in a hybrid surgery if you truly want to optimize your grafts and guarantee that your scars are nil to a minimum. If the baldness is substantial and the donor areas are less thick, a hybrid approach might be used to get better outcomes. First, the FUT procedure may be performed and, with a trichophytic closure, the donor closed. One might then use the FUE procedure to remove grafts. If more grafts are required, beard or chest grafts may be used in planning on the same day. It may be scheduled on the same day whether FUE beard or chest hair transplantation may be carried on the next day. The patient is cooperative. This would allow the patient to be transplanted by employing the hybrid technology of more than 6,000 grafts in a day.

It is particularly suitable for individuals with Norwood grades V, VI, or VII. The patient should be interested in taking as many grafts as possible and should have enough hair loss to place the 6000 grafts in real-time.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

It would be beneficial if a single operation could cover all regions of loss. Hybrid is comparable to 4000 to 6000 grafting and can be used to harvest the graft in big quantities.

A majority of individuals choose this procedure since it is dependable and the transplanted hair appears natural. When the whole process is complete, the actual and the transplanted hair cannot be distinguished. Furthermore, when the surgery is completed, these hairs are transplanted for several years if well kept. To get more details regarding the latest technique click and read

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