How to use All Fit thermoplastic Splint? And how to get it off?

It is not hard to use ALL FIT medical thermoplastic splint, just following the steps:

Cut the splint to the size and shape you want;

Dip it in hot water with a temperature higher than 65 ℃ for few minutes;

After the splint turns transparent and soft, it gets ready for use: get it out with your hand and place it over the surface waiting for protection, support, or brace, and mold slightly with your finger and palm, trim the edge necessary before splint becomes untransparent and stiff.

To make a brace like an artist, more practice and patience are required. With more experience and patience, you will become skilled like an artist. For a beginner, he can’t make a fashion with a piece of cloth without countless practice. Of course, it is easier to use All Fit thermoplastic splint than become a tailor.

When the splint turns stiff thoroughly, the operation is almost completed. To make it fashionable, you can decorate it with a colorful bandage.

Taking off is easy: take off bandage bundle with it, cutting a little part that obstacle your operation, you can get it off just like taking off your dress.

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