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Feeding Experiences You Can Enjoy at Dubai Aquarium

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The intimate experience of giant aquatic animals swimming around you while you walk through the tank is unforgettable. Your moment cant get excited than that. The temptation to get closer to giant aquatic animals and feed them is hard to resist. Dubai Aquarium is one place where you can try this amazing experience. You might have watched crocodile feeding in movies, but what if you try it in real? Even the wording can give you goosebumps! We have compiled a list of feeding experiences you can enjoy at the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. Keep reading to know more!

Feeding Experiences at Dubai Aquarium:

Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo offer an opportunity to visitors to encounter various aquatic animals. These animals are not to be petted, but you can feed them and take pictures with them. Thanks to the feeding encounter, you will get as closer to these giants as you could expect. Following is a list you should go through to see what experiences you can enjoy there. 

1. Shark feeding:

Dinnertime at the Aquarium is rarely dull. A group of divers at the Aquarium plunge into the 10-million liter tank and feed the resident Sharks. Try not to attempt this at home! The experience is adrenaline-pumping, and you must try it at least once in your lifetime. The experts on your side will keep your nerves calm, but still, it will test your nerves.

You will never get more surreal than at the moment when the feeding begins, and you realize it is your turn. Watching these six meters long giant sharks waiting for their meal from you will boost your heart rate. Nevertheless, the experience is as amazing as it sounds, and you should try it by booking your Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets today!

2. King croc feeding:

Another feeding session that can get the visitors on their feet is the king croc feeding. The 20 years old large reptiles with their families will wait for their first bite, and guess what? You will feed them yourself. Despite having the experts on your side, you will still shiver while throwing them food. The feeding sessions are most crowded in the zoo since visitors are keen o feed these giant animals.

We often watch crocodiles eating wild food on the TV, but what if they eat while staying inches away from you? It sounds fascinating! It would be best to take a camera and take pictures with them if the management allows. However, feeding them and taking pictures with them does not mean you can befriend them. The instructor will always keep reminding you to stay away from a few steps from their reach. They are insanely dangerous!

3. Ray feeding:

King croc and shark feeding were terrible, but the place is flexible enough to display some friendly exhibitions as well. Ray feeding is an encounter with minimum risk, and it won’t tremble you as much as the previous two experiences. You can watch these graceful creatures swimming through the tunnel and taking food from the diver’s hand. The water tank has more than 50 Rays, and you can interact with them during the session.

The intrepid Eagle Rays and Cow nose Rays are human-friendly, and you can touch and hand-feed them. These inquisitive yet gentle creatures will happily accept the food from you and wait for the next bite. Do you wish to interact and hand-feed these graceful species? Now is the time to book your tickets and pay a visit the coming weekend!

4. Otter feeding:

A family of small-clawed Asian otters is found in Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo. The species is rare and is often found in rivers, marshes, and rice patties. You can chase these cute and charismatic species and feed them. The Aquarium management also presents a special educational presentation on these Otters, which you must attend before visiting them.

Otters are more intelligent than you can think. They are best at using tools like using a rock to crack a shellfish and eat. Moreover, their appetite capacity is huge as they can eat 20% of their body weight. Being an animal lover, you can never resist visiting these cute and charismatic animals and feeding them with your hands. How about taking pictures with them to make the encounter a memory?

Explore the hidden underwater world at Dubai Aquarium!

Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is another wonder you will see in this amazing city. The place is insanely built and is attracting visitors from all over the world. What is more special about this place is that it is home to more than 30,000 aquatic animals. These animals will swim around you as you walk through the tunnel. Book your tickets today and explore the hidden aquatic world!


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