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How to Choose Custom Coffee Mug – What Type is More Suitable For Me?

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Custom Coffee Mug is the perfect promotional product, which gives an instant boost to your sales. On sale on from $3.455 to $4.045. You can customize this ceramic mug using your company logo and/or message. Order as many as 72. Average rating of 4 out of five stars.

Make a personalized photo mug for your loved one using your favorite photos. Select from one of our portfolio of over two thousand high-resolution, digital photos. Your order will be sent directly to your loved one with an affordable shipping rate.

If you are looking for the best quality custom mugs at affordable prices, you should definitely consider ordering from our web site. Order from our shop and you will receive the best quality mugs in stock. You will also find that we deliver your order quickly, so that you do not have to wait for the order to arrive in your house before you can use it. You can also place your order online, so that it is possible to receive the mugs in your locality.

Ordering for personalized mugs

Ordering for personalized mugs using your favorite photographs will certainly surprise your recipient. You can also have it printed on durable, heavy cardstock. A black matte finish on these mugs is popular for its striking color contrast and sophisticated look. Choose from the wide range of beautiful colors available: deep reds, blue yellows, turquoise, orange, lime green, pink, purple, sky blue and teal. The typical size of a custom coffee mug is usually between seven and eight ounces, although larger sizes are also available for those people who prefer them.

You may also choose among different sizes, styles, shapes and materials in order to suit the individual taste of your recipient. We can print your company logo or slogan on the custom mugs in bright and vibrant colors. There are also coffee mugs with the photo of your favorite celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and several others. You can easily order these mugs either with a standard sized hole or with a double-sided tapered hole, according to the design of your choice.

Personalized coffee mugs are popular worldwide

Personalized coffee mugs are popular worldwide. Most people prefer them because they are more attractive than ordinary metallic mugs, which can be often boring. You will find that most of the recipients appreciate personalized mugs. It makes them feel special and they appreciate your efforts in taking time to make them personally. These types of mug make a great gift item for your business acquaintances, customers, relatives, friends and colleagues.


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