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Favorite retro tin toys?

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When pronouncing the phrase retro tin toy, each of us imagines our favorite best colorful toys, with which he spent most of his childhood, the arrival of youth, and with which he finally had to say goodbye by putting it in a box that has never been opened since …

Why are retro tin toys unique?

We each have memories that will warm our hearts from time to time. But we don’t want to talk about the past and your childhood. We want to point out the fact that popular retro tin toys may not only be used for play, but they can also be a decoration that beautified your home.

However, among retro tin toys, there are also rare pieces that many collectors crave. However, we do not mean classic and mass-produced tin toys. We are talking about unique retro tin toys, which underline their value with their functionality and unique design.

History of tin toys

The history of tin toys dates back to the mid-nineteenth century when they were made of thin steel sheets. Tin toys were cheap and served as a substitute for wooden toys. They were made and painted by hand in large factories.

After the Second World War, a change took place and Japan became the main manufacturer of tin toys. Later, due to restrictions by the Japanese government, China took its place.


As we mentioned above, retro toys is an excellent decoration that can enliven many interiors and give them a special touch. Of course, all the retro toys you saw in the article are fully functional. So, don’t hesitate and choose your unique retro tin toy too.

If your interior is decorated in a retro style and you are trying to give its overall look an even bigger old-fashioned touch, reach for a retro tin toy. However, keep in mind that the details form a whole, and do not take them lightly. The more original your surroundings are, the more original you are.


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