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Eyelash Tinting – Everything You Need To Know About The Lash Treatment

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If you want to achieve a look of a Disney Princess, what better way is there than to try the best eyelash dyes?

When it comes to eyelashes, there is just something additional that makes them transform the beautiful looks. Now, many people resort to eyelash extensions. Using eyelash extensions is a good option. 

However, they take a long time to master and they are not very cheap. Plus, the maintenance costs of Fake eyelashes are not cheap either. Now, our solution to this problem would be to use lash tinting. 

In this article, we are going to be talking about everything that you need to know about Eyelash tinting. 

What is Eyelash Tinting?

An eyelash tint, A manufacturer adds a special kind of dye to the eyelashes of the user. With Eyelash Tinting, the user can have full lashes for weeks without no need of using mascara.

To get Eyelash tinting, go to your nearest salon. The technician is going to apply the dye to your lashes and all you will have to do is keep your eyes closed for ten minutes. While this may seem very complicated, the whole process is very quick and painful as well. 

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

While Eyelash tinting is safe, there are chances for it to go bad. Having said that, you will want to make sure that you acquire the services of a licensed professional. Professional only resort to high-quality products and have a lot of prior experience. 

Considering these factors, they are less likely to mess anything up. 

What is the Tint Made of?

If the thought of using Regular Hair dye crossed your mind, you must drop it straight away. In most cases, the eyelash tintings are made from Vegetable Dye. Vegetable dyes are totally harmless. 

However, if you have eye infections or you have developed conditions like Swelling or irritation around the eyes, You must stay away from Eyelash tinting. If you decide to receive eyelash tinting in such health conditions, it is likely that you will end up ruining the infection or your health condition even worse. 

Will My Eye or Skin Become Irritated?

There is a probability that your eyes might burn or the skin around your lashes is going to make you feel irritated. 

Seeing that the Eyelash tinting process must not hurt, most of the Salons are going to flush your eyes if you are still in pain after eight minutes have passed after the application. 

Having said that, if you are someone that has a specific eye condition or sensitive eyes, you must avoid getting Eyelash tinting altogether. 

Now, in some cases, people also wear contact lenses when getting their eyelashes tinted. If you want to ensure that your Contact lenses remain unharmed, the best idea would be to take them off. 

What happens is that the contact lenses trap the fumes from the adhesive. Due to this factor, the lens becomes dry. Due to this reason, your eyes start to feel irritated and you are likely to feel uncomfortable. 

How Much Does It Cost?

In most cases, the eyelash tinting services can cost somewhere to $20-$40 dollars.

However, it is going to depend on the Technician you decide to go with and the location of the salon. 

How Long Does It Last?

You can expect Eyelash tinting to last somewhere from Three to six weeks. Of course, it going to depend on the materials used in the eyelash tinting. Other than that, it is also going to depend on other factors. 

These factors will include factors such as how many times you wash your face and the type of cleanser that you use.

To ensure that eyelash tinting lasts long, it would be a good idea to avoid all oil cleansers. 

You will also want to avoid any Makeup products that use oil. 


A lot of people worry if the Eyelash tinting is even worth it or not. 

If you have light lashes, you are going to see a very huge difference. But even if you have dark eyelashes, you will realize that your eyes appear lusher and your eyelashes will look longer than usual. 

Now that you know that Eyelash tinting is totally worth it, you might be tempted to get it! However, the experts suggest that you choose a professional. Also, consider the sanitization features of a salon. 

Other than that, always ask products that the products that they will be using. Knowing such important things ensures that you get a safe application. 


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