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4 Essentials To Know Before Opting For A Commercial Grease Trap

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If you have recently opened a new restaurant or eating joint, you should opt for a grease trap. Grease traps for commercial kitchens are a necessary element that helps in maintaining the all-around hygiene of the place.

However, before opting for a grease trap, there are some essential things that you need to know. Knowing these will help you understand the workings of a grease trap better and how you can maintain it.

  1. Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG):

FOG comes in the form of food scraps, lard,meat fats, oil, margarine, sauces, baking goods, butter, and other dairy products. It is not only unlawful to discard FOG improperlybut it is also harmful to the environment.

The Issues FOG Brings

  • Tempting to pour down the drain: FOG is in the liquid state when hot, and this enables it to easily flow down the drain. However, the problem is that they become solid when they cool down.
  • Tough to remove: Removing grease traps is a complex process and can cost a lot. Moreover, the buildup of grease can damage your system and disrupt your business. This is when you will need true-to-form grease trap maintenance by licensed grease trap agencies.
  • Liability: If a blockage in the public sewage system is traced back to your commercial establishment, you can be charged for repair costs. This includes hiring machinery along with specialists and environmental cleaning.
  1. How Often to Clean Your Commercial Grease Trap:

It is a law to have your commercial grease trap clean and in good working shape. It is strongly recommended to have it cleaned atleast once every 3 months to prevent the spread of unhealthy odor and bacteria. Based on how busy your restaurant is, you might have to increase the frequency of cleaning too.

For grease traps for commercial kitchens, the rule is to clean when the FOG reaches 25% of the grease trap capacity.

  1. Know When Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning:
  • Restaurant drains are clogged: When your grease trap gets overfilled, it won’t work properly. Hence, FOG remains in the pipes and solidifies. This prevents the wastewater from draining.
  • More than 25% full: As mentioned above, cleaning your grease trap when 25% of it is filled is the rule. Or, in other words, clean it when FOG reaches one-third of the traps’ capacity. Some grease trap agencies in Kildare offer regular grease trap and Septic Tank Cleaning and maintenance to help you keep your commercial grease trap working at its best.
  • Grease in Unusual Places: When you notice grease in unusual places, know that it is high time to clean your grease trap. Grease in unusual places means the trap is either full or requires maintenance. And the grease is either leaking or has nowhere to go so is emerging through other pipelines.
  1. Manage your grease trap waste:

It is not enough to keep your grease trap clean but also to have proper disposal of the waste. Not doing so can harm your immediate surrounding and lead to a negative impression in the minds of your customers, old and potential.

  • Opt for professional grease trap services that offer sustainable waste disposal.
  • Regularize grease trap maintenance and cleaning at your commercial establishment. Talk to the professionals of the grease trap agency about this.
  • Use “no grease” signs in your commercial kitchen. This will remind your employees to not pour FOG into the sink. Make them aware of clogged drains and their implications.
  • Use bins to dispose of food waste. Do not disregard even small amounts as they too can accumulate in less time than you think.

Opt for a grease trap agency that is licensed and permitted by the Dublin City Council. Such a team ascertains grease trap cleaning with minimum disruption to your business workings.


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